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Founded by a dental practitioner over 30 years ago who knew first-hand the challenges facing dental practices, Algonquin, IL-based Plak Smacker continues to grow today as a supplier of dental products. Many orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and general practitioners alike order products from Plak Smacker to not only stock supplies for in-office care, but also to purchase take-home products for their patients to encourage good oral hygiene practices at home. From orthodontic supplies to practice-branded personalized toothbrushes, Plak Smacker has thousands of products to support dental practices.


Recognizing the changing needs of their buyers, Plak Smacker set out to improve their eCommerce experience. “The buyer in the dental office is changing; he or she is less excited about having reps call or visit them, and is asking, ‘why don’t I just buy these supplies online?’” said Scott Leece, VP & GM at Plak Smacker.

However, Plak Smacker’s legacy eCommerce system was not easy to manage, holding them back from making changes to better serve their customers. “The site we had prior didn’t allow us to manage it internally; we had to leverage external consultants to make changes, which didn’t make sense for our growing business.” added Leece. Additionally, PlakSmacker’s legacy eCommerce experience wasn’t integrated into their ERP, which meant that pricing could sometimes get misaligned and manual order entry was required into their ERP, which was time consuming and inefficient.

Additionally, a popular category of items Plak Smacker offers for dental office take-home bags is personalized toothbrushes and other giveaway products, allowing the dentist to imprint their branding on the items patients take home after their office visit. Prior to their InsiteCommerce site, this process required numerous touches from employees in sales, customer service and operations to complete an order, which was a less-than-ideal situation.

Like other B2B industries, there is consolidation happening in Plak Smacker’s customer base. “Today there are 130,000-140,000 dental offices, many owned by the dentist him or herself, and there are large organizations starting to acquire those, so we’re seeing consolidation on the practitioner side. Those professional buyers [at the large organizations] generally don’t want to deal with rep phone calls and generally prefer web-based solutions to address their unique buying needs.”


After identifying pain points across their legacy systems, PlakSmacker identified InsiteCommerce® as a platform ready to fulfill their needs. “We are a supplier of numerous products that sells in a B2B environment; this business model was well-understood by Insite and similar to a large portion of their customer base.” noted Leece, which was important as Plak Smacker wanted to ensure they were working with a platform equipped to meet their needs.

With InsiteCommerce, Plak Smacker was able to integrate the system with their ERP, eliminating manual order entry and product, inventory, and price mismatch between the systems. Additionally, by leveraging an online product configurator, Plak Smacker was able to create a more user-friendly product customization experience for their customers. “Through the new site, we’ve been able to streamline and automate the personalization process, creating something that helps our team and also improves the customer experience. They can now see what they’re going to receive right on the site.”

Learning from pain-points of their past platform, the ability to easily manage and change their eCommerce experience was crucial for success. “One of the selling features of InsiteCommerce is the day-in and day-out experience. With minimal training, our marketers can easily go into the Administration Console to change monthly promotions and they can make change to products on the website as needed. We could not quickly or cost-effectively do that on our former site.” Leece stated.


Beyond the eCommerce experience improvements both for customers and for Plak Smacker behind the scenes, Plak Smacker is looking to push adoption of the site for other uses as well. “One of the things we’re excited about with Insite is working to make the website more integrated into our sales and lead generation processes. This was an opportunity we couldn’t take advantage of with the configuration we had prior to Insite.” Leece added.

Important to the business’ commercial success is also the technical and strategic support Insite is able to give to PlakSmacker when looking for new solutions or opportunities; “we wanted that, and we’ve gotten that” from Insite, Leece said. With the new experience live to customers and prospects, and the company’s ability to make changes more easily, Plak Smacker has their goals set to double their revenue online.

Since Plak Smacker also drives growth via acquisition, the digital strategy also had to be flexible enough to accommodate that use case as the company grows in the future. “We now have a scalable e-commerce solution that will allow us to grow and expand in the future whether that be via the creation of new e-commerce storefronts or simply the addition of new products to our existing website.”

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