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Geriatric Medical


Geriatric Medical, a Boston, MA-area medical supply distribution company was founded over 70 years ago and serves all of the New England area. Founded in 1945 by Jack Siegal, Geriatric Medical began as a diaper delivery service. Noticing the demands from nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, the founders recognized these businesses had other product needs that Geriatric Medical could fulfill such as janitorial, nutritional, medical and other supplies. Today, the third generation of the Siegal family still runs the business overseeing more growth now than ever before, with over 100 employees and offering a catalog of over 30,000 products.

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story


While Geriatric Medical had been quite successful in growing the business over decades, and due to continued focus on driving value for their customers in innovative ways, they wanted to ensure they also provided a best in class online experience. Geriatric Medical did indeed have a website, however, it had minimal product information, and didn’t live up to their high standards.

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story

Solution & Results

After evaluating other platforms, Geriatric Medical chose InsiteCommerce® as their eCommerce platform, Racine noted, “After I got more familiar with InsiteCommerce and learned more about the team and their experience with the levels of integration, as well as the number of features on the site that are really built for B2B, I think that InsiteCommerce is and was a better solution than Magento would have been. I feel like InsiteCommerce is more targeted and had better solutions and better experience in the B2B space, and from a company standpoint, Insite’s vision down the road has B2B in mind.”

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story

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After evaluating other platforms, Geriatric Medical chose InsiteCommerce® as their eCommerce platform. See why they chose Insite and how they saw success by downloading the customer success story below.

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