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Dependable Delivery with eCommerce at the Core

Geriatric Medical Logo

Dependable Delivery with eCommerce at the Core

Nearly 80% of Geriatric Medical’s total revenue flows through InsiteCommerce

25% higher average order values after implementing InsiteCommerce

60% increase in lines per order after implementing InsiteCommerce

Dependable For Over 75 Years

In 1945 America celebrated its World War II victory. Soldiers returned home, American families felt a wave of optimism and the baby boom began. At this time, Jack Siegal could not find a quality cloth diaper service for his children. He recognized a big opportunity in the baby diaper service market. Siegal founded Bo-Peep Diaper Service in his own garage, with a used washing machine, a big idea and a singular focus on dependable service.

Siegal’s commitment and obsession to providing the most dependable, cost-effective service earned him respect and business growth. It wasn’t long before Siegel had expanded beyond the baby diaper industry into the geriatric space. Bo-Peep eventually became the diaper service of choice to Boston area nursing homes. Given Bo-peep’s dedication to customer service, nursing homes began asking for more products like over-the-counter medications, wound care dressing, nutritional services and more. Thus, the business shifted its focus and rebranded to Geriatric Medical & Surgical Supply.

From a single-person, garage-based diaper delivery service to a 100-person, full-service medical supply distribution company, Geriatric Medical & Surgical Supply continues to care deeply about the health and welfare of our elders.

Today, Geriatric Medical is run by the third generation of the Siegal family who are honoring Jack Siegal’s legacy of dependability. With a catalog of more than 30,000 products, Geriatric Medical is focused on driving value for their customers in innovative ways.

Clean, Purpose-Built User Experience

In 2014, Geriatric Medical embarked on a digital transformation journey. Prior to 2014, Geriatric Medical had a custom website that was out of date, offered minimal product information, and not living up to customer expectations. Geriatric Medical realized that customers were going to competitors’ sites to see more product information and easily make purchases. Customers made it clear that if the website didn’t get an upgrade, they would take their business to the competitors who provided a better buying experience.

Simply put, the drivers of digital transformation within Geriatric Medical were evolving customer expectations for self-service and competition with other suppliers who provided a better user experience.

“In order for us to stay relevant as a company and achieve the scale for additional growth, we knew that we had to make an investment in a true digital infrastructure, not just an ordering system. We wanted to offer the best-in-class online experience, coupled with a tool that would alleviate pressure on our customer service team and provide on-demand information to our customers and sales team.”

Jeffrey Siegal, Geriatric Medical’s CEO

Geriatric Medical chose to partner with Insite for eCommerce. Though they considered multiple platforms, they ultimately chose Insite because of the unique direction Insite was going in the B2B space. They recognized that Insite was completely focused on B2B eCommerce and could solve for the complexities of B2B right out of the box. In addition to Insite’s laser-focus on B2B, they also looked for a platform that could handle the following:

  • Integration to Infor FACTS ERP
  • Negotiated pricing
  • A strong product roadmap and vision
  • Robust catalog capabilities
  • Product information management

A Decorated eCommerce Champion

In order to fulfill their digital transformation voyage they needed someone to champion and lead the initiative. They found the perfect candidate in Justin Racine who had eCommerce experience within the healthcare space. Today, Justin Racine serves as the Director of Marketing & eCommerce at Geriatric Medical. We took a few moments to sit down with him and learn about Geriatric Medical’s journey of transformation.

Justin had experience with other eCommerce platforms (like Magento) but was excited to work with the InsiteCommerce platform. Though the company selected InsiteCommerce before Justin joined the team, he quickly realized that the platform was the perfect choice for Geriatric Medical’s situation.

“Insite is excellent. Their singular focus and experience solely on B2B make them the top choice for companies looking to jump-start their digital revolution. Their commitment to people, products and channels really resonates with us at Geriatric and mimics our culture and focus.”

Justin Racine, Director of Marketing & eCommerce

Geriatric utilizes the full suite of solutions to successfully run their business and serve their customers including: InsiteCommerce, InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce and InsitePortfolio.

Launching and Leveraging InsiteCommerce

Implementing InsiteCommerce was fairly straightforward and easy. Justin says the implementation went well because of Insite’s unique focus on B2B.

“As a distributor or a manufacturer you want to work with a company that has seen what you’re going through. Insite is that platform. They are focused on B2B and only B2B. That singular focus is a huge plus for distributors like Geriatric,” said Justin.

Geriatric Medical had some unique B2B business cases that InsiteCommerce was able to accommodate. For example, for certain business reasons, Geriatric Medical needs to run their integration jobs nightly as opposed to real-time. Insite never expected Geriatric Medical to conform to the platform. Rather, InsiteCommerce was able to bend and flex to meet Geriatric Medical’s unique business requirements.

Geriatric Medical understands how important it is to maintain an always up-to-date and refreshed website.

“The website can never be down, the pricing can never be off, all the site features have to work and the site has to be fast. It has to be nimble enough to allow for customizations and it has to accommodate certain needs that our customers may have,” Justin said.

In addition to using InsiteCommerce to inform and promote their products, Geriatric Medical also uses the site as a resource for their customers and team. Their safety and data sheets are stored within a portal. In addition, the website is used as a training tool for their salespeople.

The New World with InsiteCommerce

Customers have adopted at a striking rate. Today, Geriatric Medical’s website accounts for upwards of 76% of its annual revenue, with 86% of their revenue coming through digital channels (website, EDI, etc.).

“When you look at the amount of revenue and page views and consider what the website means to our customers, InsiteCommerce really is at the core of everything because we rely so much on the software to book the majority of our business,” said Justin.

When Geriatric Medical started the process of transformation in 2014, roughly $15.5 million in sales came through CSRs or the sales team. Today, about $8.6 million comes through CSRs or the sales team, cutting it roughly in half.

The reduction in revenue coming from CSRs and the sales team is a great advantage for Geriatric Medical because it means cost to serve their customers has gone down. They don’t have to run as many reps, so they can save on labor while enabling salespeople to be proactive in other areas.

“eCommerce ROI goes way beyond booking new revenue through that specific channel, it has a ‘trickle-down effect’ in other areas of business as well. When you begin the process of implementing an eCommerce platform, one needs to look at all departments and how this new platform can align with other key business goals. Making this a part of the process allows for synergies and value adds in other areas that help the bottom line,” said Justin.


In 2014, Geriatric Medical was running roughly $750,000 in abandoned cart value and today they are projected to be just under $250,000. They’ve recovered half a million dollars in cart abandonment value alone.

Geriatric Medical is empowering CSRs to be more efficient, expanding share of wallet with existing customers, increasing revenue within the platform and decreasing cart abandonment churn. The benefits of eCommerce are far and beyond a simple website.

“Since our humble beginnings we have been a distribution company, over time we have evolved to be a distribution company that has an eCommerce platform. Today, we view ourselves as an eCommerce company that happens to be a B2B distribution company. When you book the amount of revenue we do through this platform, it only makes logical sense to have this mindset and by doing so, it allows us to think outside the box and push the innovation envelop further than ever before,” said Justin.

A Focus on Monitoring and Measuring with InsiteAnalytics

Geriatric Medical is constantly monitoring their success with InsiteCommerce by using InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce.

Geriatric Medical considers many KPIs when measuring success but their main focus is on:

  • Product Engagement
  • Product Disengagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Disengagement


Because Geriatric Medical does not have a true CRM today, they look at product and customer engagement and disengagement through their eCommerce platform.

They are able to develop and share daily and weekly reports to their sales reps and CSRs detailing product engagement and disengagement from various customers. The reports give the team better visibility into their customers enabling CSR’s to make informed, proactive and data-driven product recommendations.

For example, a sales rep can easily see that a customer typically orders vinyl gloves every 5 days. With reporting, they can see when said customer hasn’t purchased those vinyl gloves for 8 days. The salesperson can go to that customer and ask about what’s changed. Is it a competitor offering a lower price? Is the customer unhappy about the quality of the product? Or, did they just not use up as many gloves as they normally do in a week?

In addition to relying on engagement analytics, Geriatric Medical also monitors the “Order Channel” reporting section of InsiteAnalytics. This enables them to see which channels customers are placing orders from and segment by customer type, customer attributes, etc.

Justin also generates quarterly business reviews from InsiteAnalytics. The sales representatives leverage these reports to review business with customers and make smarter selling choices.

“Analytics is what you make it. On most analytics platforms, the data you need is there. It’s just about molding it and finessing it into something that’s usable and referenceable for your business,” said Justin.


A Better Future for Everyone

Through use of the company’s eCommerce site and the analytics platform, Geriatric Medical’s sales team is empowered to be more consultative than ever before and their customers are able to self-serve whenever needed.

Prior to incorporating InsiteCommerce, Geriatric Medical’s salespeople were primarily order takers. They were reactive and would address customer needs as they arose. Today, the salespeople are order creators. Through predictable technology and analytics they are able to use data and make proactive recommendations.

“There’s been a lot of conversation in the B2B space about the doom and gloom of the B2B salesperson. The truth is, you’re always going to need someone to talk to customers. It’s just that their role is shifting,” said Justin.

Justin serves as a Customer Advisory Board member for Insite and continues to make the InsiteAnalytics and InsiteCommerce platforms even better by offering feedback and guidance from a medical distributor’s point of view.

“This has always been a partnership, it’s been a two-way dialogue. Insite offers advice and feedback when we need it, and they are also supportive of our vision and what we are trying to achieve in our business,” said Justin.

Justin believes in the power of connected commerce. He believes that eCommerce truly sits at the hub of other technologies like a CRM, ERP, delivery route tracking, etc. A strong future means that all the technologies will work in harmony together.

“I envision a time where our sales team is a spoke in the wheel of creating amazing experiences for our customers, digitally. A world where a salesperson is having a conversation with a customer and they customer denotes a specific product or service that they will be requiring in the future. By having a proper ‘customer experience’ stack in place, the salesperson can then notate this in the CRM. The CRM can change the experience on our site, ESP and other areas to utilize relevant content for this specific customer and what they are in-segment for. We don’t want to show customers marketing material for products they purchase every week, instead, we want to show them marketing material of products they are in-segment for or have a active interest in learning more about.”

Looking to the future one thing is clear, Geriatric Medical will continue building on the legacy of dependability Jack Siegal left over 70 years ago. They’ll constantly work to do everything in their power to exceed customers’ expectations every time.

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