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Barnsco Success Story


Barnsco is a Dallas-based B2B fabricator and distributor of rebar and concrete accessories serving commercial construction and road building markets in North Central Texas and Southeastern Michigan. They champion an emphasis on lasting relationships serving as the driving force for acquiring and growing business. “We haven’t had to do any true formal marketing for decades because of a word of mouth, small business, handshake, and a hot meal mentality,” Kelly Gowan, Director of Marketing said. This belief is reinforced by the company’s pricing options, which are withheld until a relationship is established between the customer and Barnsco. The capabilities of Insite Commerce have bolstered their ability to “do all the things we need on the backend in order to stay competitive in our industry.”

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story


Operating in the construction realm, Barnsco is caught in between the old school and the new school. Early financial success from the Dallas region has de-incentivized modernization to a major demographic of their customer base. This results in some of their customers still utilizing phone calls and paper-copy invoices. At the opposite end of the spectrum, most of the current business acquisitions are played out with high-volume orders moving at digital age speeds. Transactions are processed instantaneously at the hands of tablet-laden millennials. Additionally, their heavy reliance on word-of-mouth referrals has put the company at a disadvantage. Not all markets were aware of the full breadth of what Barnsco offers. As the company grew, so too did their need for a greater marketing presence.

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story

Solution & Results

Barnsco was able to satisfy their needs by focusing on accessibility and simplicity. Much like their interest in blending the old-school and the new-school, Barnsco opted for Insite because they saw it as the best way to meet “short-term initiative and long-term goals.” Barnsco has been able to successfully begin integrating e-commerce and marketing into their companies platform. Going forward, they will continue to make strides increasing and integrating the services provided by Insite. They want to use Insite Commerce to “insure that we are increasing the wallet-share with the customers that we already have, as well as continue to draw a larger customer-base.”

B2B eCommerce Website Success Story

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The capabilities of InsiteCommerce have bolstered Barnsco's ability to stay competitive in their industry. See how by downloading the story now.

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