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Today more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses to deliver strong online experiences. And, there’s an incredible opportunity for B2B companies that get it right. In this Information Week piece on the future of B2B e-commerce, Insite Software CEO Steve Shaffer outlines how manufacturers must reset goals in order to not completely fail in the months to come.

“In 2019, we’re really looking at e-commerce 4.0, a hybrid of digital and full-service customer experiences that make the entire process, and everyone supporting that process, much more efficient. Organizations that still see B2B commerce as a “technology only” initiative will struggle tremendously,” says Steve.

As we look to the future, Steve believes that it’s important to acknowledge there are deeper issues blocking the success of e-commerce initiatives. We need a change in mindset, and a much bigger organizational commitment, to see greater success. Click here to read the full piece, “The Future of B2B E-Commerce.”

*This article appears in Information Week

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