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Many manufacturers and distributors have unveiled a digital commerce website or online portal for their customers to research products and place orders, only to find that not many of them are actually using it several months or even years later. B2B customers are often slow to adapt to the new way of ordering your products online if it remains easier to pick up the phone and call their sales rep, and there may be many reasons behind that, states a post on Internet Retailer by Insite Software co-founder, Brian Strojny.

Well Designed User Experience

One reason may be that the whole online experience that your website presents to customers lags behind what they experience and have come to expect elsewhere on the Internet in their daily lives, particularly on consumer sites. Your website design should be inviting and easy to use, as well as capable of handling the complexities of your business, all the while keeping your customers’ experience interacting with your company online at the center of your overall digital commerce strategy.

Promote Your Digital Commerce Channel

Get the word out to your customers about your website and incentivize them to use it. A good B2B eCommerce system has digital marketing tools that marketers can use to encourage your customers to start using your website and that can be continuously optimized to ensure they keep coming back.

Rich Product Data Invites Buyers

Once you get your customers to your website, be ready for them with excellent product information. A good B2B eCommerce platform enables you to seamlessly call up product data from your existing product information management (PIM) system or to create product data right within the eCommerce system. Either way, you need to present rich product data to your online customers that includes high-quality images of your products, complete product specs, instruction videos, and compelling marketing copy that not only describes and promotes your products, but adheres to search-engine optimization best practices, as well.
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