Smart Writing on Smart Manufacturing
Smart Writing on Smart Manufacturing
October 8, 2017 Insite Software

Smart Writing on Smart Manufacturing

At Insite, we do a lot of forward-thinking when it comes to AI and the idea of smart manufacturing. It’s unavoidable with analysts reporting that over half of the manufacturers in the world are at least researching IoT, if not piloting or even running a form of this new automation in production. Obviously, this will have significant impacts on B2B commerce not only in the manufacturing world but in other industries as well.

Yet industry leaders aren’t always paying as much attention to this new disruptor as they should. John Clemons, an expert with 30 years of manufacturing IT experience, wrote a particularly astute piece in Forbes this week on how the C-suite needs to anticipate this next digital trend. And how they should incorporate smart manufacturing into their strategies…now.

The following is an excerpt from Clemon’s piece with a link for your convenience.

What C-Suite Executives Need To Know About Smart Manufacturing

By John Clemons, Director of Manufacturing IT for Maverick Technologies with 30-plus years in the field of manufacturing IT.

C-suite executives tend to delegate manufacturing strategy to the manufacturing experts and IT strategy to the technology experts. Historically, that was a good strategy. Now, with the emergence of new technologies that collectively comprise what’s known as smart manufacturing or “Industrie 4.0,” it’s time for C-suite executives to reconsider their hands-off approach.

This is the conclusion reached by MESA International, an organization dedicated to improving business results and production operations through the application of information technology and best management practices. (Full disclosure: I’m on the MESA Americas Board of Directors). As practitioners on the front lines, MESA members are working to implement smart manufacturing technology to achieve business goals. The organization’s experience shows that such a fundamental transformation is more effective when the C-Suite is aware of — and involved in — capitalizing on the opportunities smart manufacturing offers.

Read the full article on the Forbes site here.