Scalable B2B Ecommerce Supports Global Growth

Scalable B2B Ecommerce Supports Global Growth
August 13, 2015 Insite Software

Scalable B2B ecommerce platformThe Internet has made it much easier for manufacturers and distributors to reach a far wider audience across the globe. Perhaps your organization is actively planning a business expansion to other countries or global regions. Naturally, you’re anticipating a variety of challenges will arise when beginning to do business internationally: different languages, different currencies, different cultures and different system integrations to name a few. With a scalable B2B ecommerce platform, you can expand your business across the globe with more ease and efficiency than ever before.

Modern Scalable Software Architecture

InsiteCommerce offers a highly scalable B2B ecommerce global management solution that gives you the ability to roll out your online business to new countries in an easy and expedient manner by reusing the code and user experience you built for the initial solution and utilizing a common architecture that you can continue to grow your expanding business upon.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

InsiteCommerce enables quick machine translation of content with powerful multi-language and translation capabilities that allow your site administrators to define the website display language and create unique content by language code, device type and user persona. Multi-currency capabilities allow website users to switch currencies to match their personal currency preference, support currency-specific pricing and conversion, and properly price items not specifically entered in a localized price.

Seamless Customer Experience

To provide a seamless global commerce experience is more complex than just doing a translation. Each country has different commerce rules and laws around tax calculations and freight requirements. Through the InsiteCommerce pricing engine you can integrate those global business rules into your website to present a consistent and seamless customer experience.

In one of our recent webinars, we talked about Nerium International, a seller of skin care and beautifying products, and age-defying creams. They wanted a scalable ecommerce solution that would not only scale around the globe, but could also scale to high transaction loads. Nerium has product releases and marketing events that can cause a significant increase in the number of online transactions and they required a powerful B2B ecommerce platform that could handle those transaction spikes.

Watch the recent webinar recording: How Scalable E-Commerce Platform Supports Growth for more details about how Nerium International is building their global online strategy using the InsiteCommerce platform.