Rich Product Content Creates Great Customer Experience on B2B e Commerce Site

Rich Product Content Creates Great Customer Experience on B2B e Commerce Site
November 25, 2015 Insite Software

Meager information about your products does not help build a positive online experience for your customers. Yet, manufacturing and distribution organizations transitioning to B2B eCommerce typically don’t spend enough time and resources on developing product content. Often the extent of product content on a B2B e commerce site is limited to price, quantity and a brief (and often not useful) description. If this describes the quality of product content on your website, chances are it’s dragging down the experience your customers have doing business with you online.

B2B buyers are consumers, too, and they’re experienced in buying on B2C websites like the rest of us. They know how technology has revolutionized the buying experience in B2C, and they expect more than they’re getting from the vendors they do business with in their professional lives.

When B2B buyers look for an item or research a type of product, they’re really looking to be educated and inspired. To provide them with thorough and easy-to-consume content around your products, you’ll need to invest in better images and videos, improve product descriptions, provide product documentation, and maybe even include product reviews. You’ll also need to engage individuals who can provide talent and skills in the areas of marketing writing, graphic art, photography, videography and web content management to handle the initial development and ongoing maintenance of product content. Providing rich product content on your e commerce site is an important part of your customer experience strategy, as well as your company’s overall digital transformation initiative.

Supplier-Provided Content Is Not Enough

Distributors cannot rely on their suppliers to provide enough product content, which can vary considerably in quality and how readily it can be found deep within technical documentation. Once found and extracted, the product descriptions usually need to be rewritten because organic search rankings favor unique content. If multiple websites use the same manufacturer product description, a website with a unique description will always outrank them in search results. Furthermore, existing images and videos need to be web-ready, the right resolution, the right definition, the right size and so on, to name a few more issues with supplier-provided content.

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Developing rich product content is one of six keys that drives change and digitally transforms the B2B customer experience. Next week’s blog will cover Key #4: how intuitive search features and quick order capabilities enhance customer experience and foster customer loyalty.