Product Content Priority #1: Improve Product Detail Pages

Product Content Priority #1: Improve Product Detail Pages
March 16, 2016 Insite Software

Product Detail Pages—A Top Priority for B2B Product Information Investment

When investing in better B2B product information on your website, you may have an exhaustive list of possibilities for improvements. And you may wonder what’s the most important aspect of product content to focus on first. The answer to that question is easy: Priority #1 should be improving your product detail pages.

An investment in high-quality images, alternative images, interactive and animated CAD drawings, and videos that allow your buyer to visualize all aspects of your products is key to improving your product detail pages. Because of the complexity of B2B products, offering advanced visualization tools on your product pages go a long way in helping your customers understand the context of the product.

High-Value Tools Build a Strong Sense of Certainty

Often featured in B2B eCommerce are many near-identical parts or assemblies with very subtle differences from one product number to another. Improving product content gives your customers a stronger sense of certainty about their purchasing decision, through high-value tools that precisely compare closely-related products and parts.

Site-Wide B2B Product Information Improvements

After you improve your product detail pages, you can move on to other improvements specific to product content: tools that search, filter and categorize products, as well as tools that show top sellers, top-rated products, product reviews and detailed order tracking.

There’s a huge opportunity for distributors and manufacturers to up their B2B commerce game with a solid product content strategy. And a top priority in that strategy is improving your product detail pages.

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