Paving the Way for Growth

Paving the Way for Growth
September 23, 2016 Insite Software


The final step in getting started

Growing revenue from existing or new customers in eCommerce is about building an experience that makes it easy for them to make decisions, so they can get back to work. A site with rich product data and self-service tools paired with features that promote ease of use and convenience is key to long-term engagement, and, ultimately, growth.

Optimizing for growth means refining your site, making your site and products easy to find via search engines, guiding your sellers and customers through the buying process from recommending higher-margin products, as part of an upsell, to offering relevant promotions. All of these tactics will help improve loyalty and increase the overall average order value for your site.

Attract new customers through search optimization
Attracting new customers can be challenging. To capture these customers, you need to drive them to your site. A good place to start is to make sure you show up in search results from the popular search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in making sure you show up when a customer searches for products and services you offer, and how you appear in results. A robust commerce platform will make it easy to manage and configure all components of SEO to help you get the best results possible. Your platform should allow you to:

  • Configure meta data and descriptions and friendly URL’s to help third party search engines understand your page to improve how it’s displayed and ranked.
  • Offer a mobile-friendly site out-of-the-box, which will influence your search scoring in your favor for mobile-based searches.
  • Use 301 redirects when retiring a page to ensure that page’s search clout gets transferred to the new page and the customer never encounters an error page.

Deliver a personalized experience
A site optimized for growth is also highly personalized for your customer. Effective use of personalization and commerce capabilities will make the customer feel like the site was built just for them. Personalizing an experience can manifest in many ways, including making sure you don’t show snow shovels to someone based in a northern climate, but buying for a southern climate. This is a missed opportunity to demonstrate that you know the customer’s needs and provide relevant offerings. A robust commerce system will also allow you to personalize with features that:

  • Enable customer-specific part numbers, prices and product assortments to make the site highly-personalized.
  • Focuses on cross-sell or upsell opportunities to increase spend on your site, and expose customers to new products or categories.
  • Target more than one buyer, e.g. multiple bill to and ship to addresses. Buying context is critical for the buyer, as they may be purchasing for multiple locations and geographies or different jobs. 

Offer relevant promotions
Another way to increase revenue is by offering promotions and discounts encouraging additional purchases. Offers encourage your buyers to spend more money on your site, and they’ll return more frequently knowing that they may find a better offer from you than a competitor. Simple promotions to start with are:

  • Spend this amount and get free shipping
  • Buy X and get Y
  • Buy all of these items together and save
  • Order X and get % off

Whomever your customer is – a seller or a buyer, you should always be looking for new ways to improve their experience by making the buying process as easy as possible, so they can get back to work. Through offering high-quality product data, self-service, intelligent recommendations, personalized experiences and promotions, you are creating an amazing buying experience, and, in turn, growing revenue through incremental sales and customer loyalty.

To read about Insite’s recommendations about how to get started in eCommerce, download Insite’s Getting Started Guide – Top 3 Ways to Get Started with B2B eCommerce.

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