Order Fulfillment: Important Part of Customer Experience on B2B e Commerce Sites

Order Fulfillment: Important Part of Customer Experience on B2B e Commerce Sites
January 5, 2016 Insite Software

In placing an order on your B2B e commerce site, your customer may have experienced a website that knows who they are and offered personalization features, that connected with them emotionally and rationally, that gave a lot of useful information about the products sold on the site, that had intuitive search features to make finding products easy, and that was easy to use from any type of computer device. Now comes the other part of that customer’s experience. The side that your customers don’t see but know if it doesn’t go right: Order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment is one of the most important keys in the B2B customer experience. (Read about the other keys here.) The follow-through after an order is placed is critical and involves complex workflows behind the scenes. Getting it right is your brand’s most prized differentiator.

Three Key Fulfillment Components on B2B e Commerce Sites

  • Transactions–Understanding your buyers is necessary in setting up a selling process that supports their procurement process, and ultimately this is a big advantage in doing business with you.
  • Integrations–Integrating with your backend systems is complex, but fundamental to your e commerce site. It’s figuring out what information needs to travel in which direction and at what frequency.
  • Production/warehouse–In the final steps of the order process you are ensuring how your customer orders are processed and received, that repeat orders are filled accurately, and that customer reviews are positive.

The final follow-through and order fulfillment processes can be difficult to build into your e commerce solution, but it’s critical in rounding out a great experience for your customers. What happens behind the scenes when a customer places an order is extremely important if you’re going to truly deliver on your promise to provide a positive customer experience.

Order fulfillment is one of six keys that drives change and digitally transforms the B2B customer experience. To learn more about the six keys or about how Akron Hardware is leveraging warehouse logic for order fulfillment from their e commerce site: