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Less than a week ago, the number of global confirmed Coronavirus cases had surpassed 180,000. It’s 9:16 p.m. on Monday, March 23rd and we’re sitting at 378,601 confirmed cases, a number that is sure to increase when we check back in tomorrow morning. The outbreak has more than doubled in a matter of days.

Things are crazy out there. These unprecedented times are unfamiliar, uncertain and unsettling. Many of us are undoing everything we’re used to in our daily lives. Remote work, children home from school, social distancing, shelter-in-place policies, business closures, new COVID-19 headlines by the minute. This is our new normal. And it’s taking a bit of getting used to.

Coronavirus is all-consuming. It’s at the top of everyone’s minds. It’s easy to get lost in the “what if’s” and the “how to’s” of it all. Everyone has a different perspective on how to adjust to our new normal. The pandemic is impacting lives in so many different ways. Think about all the roles people can find themselves in:

A nurse and a doctor on the frontline tackling the virus

A teacher shifting his/her entire curriculum online in a matter of hours

A patient who has tested positive for Coronavirus

A working parent balancing caring for children home from school and working remotely

A hair stylist canceling all appointments and fearing bankruptcy

A pregnant woman concerned about delivering her baby alone

An elder completely quarantined and fearing the worst

A waiter or waitress out of a paycheck for weeks

A restaurant owner shifting from sit-down, to take-out, praying business doesn’t halt entirely

An engaged couple who makes the tough decision to postpone their wedding

A grocery clerk

A mailman

A law enforcement officer

A truck driver

A utility worker continuing to perform their essential duties as best as they can

We all have a unique COVID-19 experience to share. For B2B companies, we’ve noticed a common mantra…

Distributors and manufacturers are open for business.

They are doing everything in their power to continue to serve their customers through these extraordinarily challenging times. Manufacturers are creating the essential products we rely on. Distributors are ensuring we have access to what we need to protect ourselves and each other.

Manufacturers and distributors are putting their customers at the center of everything they do – just as they’ve always done. This new normal of ours has manufacturers and distributors working harder than ever.

By the looks of it, even as states like Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and others order non-essential businesses to close, many distribution and manufacturing companies will continue running.

Below is a breakdown of manufacturing and wholesale trade subsectors in Pennsylvania that “may continue physical operations” despite the non-essential business closure order. (For a full list of PA closures click here)

As we hunker down and make adjustments to our everyday routines, we have to thank the manufacturers and distributors who are out there keeping the country running right now.

Manufacturers and distributors employ salt of the earth people. Many of these organizations have existed for decades and even centuries. They’ve built businesses with true staying power because they have a relentless commitment to serving their customers at all costs. Through boom and bust, through war and peace, manufacturers and distributors lean into change and prioritize their customers. They were built for times like these. And we are so lucky to be able to rely on them during this challenging time.

We are inspired by our manufacturing and distribution customers who are working around the clock to keep everyone safe. Today, more than ever, we see your commitment to your customers. Someday, when it’s all over, we’ll look back and have companies like you to thank for getting us through. We have a feeling we’ll all come back even stronger.

Shout out to all our customers out there getting things done!

TestEquity is fully operational and continuing to meet your electronic production supply and test needs.

Source Atlantic is committed to supporting their customers who are engaged in providing essential services.

Behler-Young is open for business despite making the difficult decision to temporarily close showrooms.

Consolidated Supply is prioritizing the health of associates, customers and their community by moving to a drive-up model and encouraging online orders.

Eastern Industrial Supplies is a Critical Infrastructure Supplier. They’re ensuring customers know that in the event that a “stay at home” or “shelter-in-place” mandate is issued, Eastern will remain open and ready to serve them.

American Paper and Twine continues to deliver the supplies customers need while communicating clearly about precautions and supply chain updates.

Guest Supply is providing helpful tips and recommendations for managing the COVID-19 impact.

Dakota Supply Group is working hard to maintain the supply chain so many of their customers rely on.

Mingledorff’s is transitioning to phone, eCommerce and email orders to continue serving their customers.

First Supply is committed to taking every possible action they can to navigate these unprecedented times.

Distributor Corporation of New England is taking multiple precautions to make customer interactions as touchless as possible including pickup lockers, curbside pickup and more.