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Leading B2B eCommerce experts release white paper dispelling the main myths of B2B eCommerce, and defining the true measures of a successful B2B buying experience.

MINNEAPOLISApril 19, 2018 – Insite Software, a leading B2B commerce platform, has released a new report exploring the misconceptions surrounding B2B eCommerce and outlining the top characteristics of a truly unified commerce system. Leading B2B commerce experts within the Insite organization developed the report to help manufacturers and distributors better understand the real considerations for choosing a B2B eCommerce platform, and the best measurements for succeeding and thriving within a unified commerce ecosystem.

Entitled Unifying the B2B eCommerce Experience the Insite authors provide an overview of some of the challenges created by unrealistic expectations that have caused many organizations to decimate their salesforces, experience dismal single-digit adoption rates, and in many cases, choose ineffective technology solutions.

“The real convergence is not between B2B and B2C, but between human and digital interactions within a truly unified commerce ecosystem,” said Steve Shaffer, Insite CEO. “Unfortunately, too many vendors without experience in or knowledge of complex B2B commerce processes are making promises on which they cannot deliver, and it’s hurting our industry. Yet the idea of a B2B buying journey that satisfies full service needs while delivering self-service capability is a reality for many manufacturers and distributors who engage in their B2B eCommerce initiatives with the right goals in mind and the right technology.”

Within the report, Insite’s experts make the point that while B2B ecommerce does drive more sales, manufacturers and distributors should incorporate enterprise-wide goals such as efficiency gains, cost reduction, and accelerated productivity into their strategies. In addition, the authors have outlined the characteristics of a strong, unified B2B commerce environment including seamless movement between digital and human interactions, synchronous data processes, fully functional mobile capability and engaged, empowered salesforces.

The new Insite report delivers a comprehensive look at the state of B2B eCommerce as well as pragmatic recommendations for manufacturers and distributors moving forward with the new paradigm of a unified customer commerce experience.

The new report can be downloaded here.

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