New Architecture Addresses Next-Gen B2B e-Commerce Needs

New Architecture Addresses Next-Gen B2B e-Commerce Needs
September 16, 2015 Insite Software

With this week’s release of InsiteCommerce 4, Insite is poised to power the next generation of connected commerce with architecture advancements that give you the opportunity to readily take advantage of future B2B e-commerce innovations as they become available. As Insite continues their enduring commitment of continuous improvement and innovation for their customers, InsiteCommerce 4 allows you to jump onboard with new technology releases sooner with easier upgrades, simplified customizations and smoother integrations, while reducing infrastructure spend and total cost of ownership.

Engineered for growth

As digital commerce rapidly changes and new technologies emerge, some organizations may find themselves feeling left behind if their platform limits their ability to quickly adopt these innovations. The re-engineered service architecture behind InsiteCommerce 4 represents a new modular design approach that enables faster and more frequent upgrades, won’t disrupt existing customizations, and provides a foundation for future B2B e-commerce enhancements. The agility of the new architecture means you are always prepared to embrace the latest in digital commerce advancements, allowing you to present your customers with new features and functions quicker and facilitate faster speed to market.

What’s under the hood

InsiteCommerce 4 is built using modern frameworks that strike the optimal balance between extensibility, scalability, performance, and ease of upgrading. This leading architecture provides well-defined extension points and injectable workflow that allow for easier and less expensive upgrades, but still accommodates the most demanding and complex B2B needs. The architecture allows customers to keep current with the latest functionality, enabling them to select platform updates on a more frequent basis, allowing them to maximize their eCommerce platform investment. InsiteCommerce 4 also delivers speed and scalability by leveraging the power of the end-user browser through Angular, RESTful web services, caching, and responsive design.

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