Multi-Channel Commerce is the New Normal

Multi-Channel Commerce is the New Normal
July 15, 2015 Insite Software

new thinking for digital transformationThe state of eCommerce at many B2B organizations has been the practice of a bolt-on approach with technologies: A mix of various technologies that are bolted on to the existing business and that consequently make it very chaotic to keep them all working together. This fragmented and customized approach to selecting and implementing eCommerce technologies causes a significant slowdown in execution and increasing costs for the organization.

A Holistic Technology View

Strategic multi-channel commerce takes on a different and more holistic view that recognizes all aspects of what a digital platform needs to do for your organization. A multi-channel approach focuses on getting the benefit of digital tools across all of your channels and all of your people.

There are two parts: One is the technology behind transforming to multi-channel, and the other is leveraging that technology for business results. It involves mapping out and building your technology landscape, prioritizing your efforts in phases, getting the resources you need, and setting goals and measuring.

Building a Technology Landscape

The multi-channel commerce model requires a technology landscape  to support it with an approach that blends technology and business operations. An efficient multi-channel landscape is formed on four tiers of technology: Core systems, web marketing, personas and websites.

Optimizing Results and Enhancing Collaboration

Two of the top priorities of B2B organizations in driving better business results through digital tools are improving customer experience, and secondly, increasing the productivity and value of the sales and marketing teams. Optimizing the business through a multi-channel strategy involves doing the right thing at the right time with the right resource in the way that is the most efficient and effective.

Much of the benefit of digital commerce tools is having information so that your people can collaborate across functions and so your organization can collaborate with your suppliers and customers. The result is enhanced collaboration enabled by digital tools with a focus on value.

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