Maximizing Online Revenues with Optimized B2B Digital Marketing

Maximizing Online Revenues with Optimized B2B Digital Marketing
July 8, 2015 Insite Software

Maximize Online Revenue Webinar RegistrationMost eCommerce efforts start with the goal of cost reduction via customer adoption of digital channels while minimizing traditional channel conflict. After proving that eCommerce can deliver the desired customer experiences and the brand promise at a lower cost than traditional channels, many B2B manufacturers and distributors seek to rapidly grow digital revenues.

Transition Poses Challenges

The transition from platform implementation and early adoption to high growth presents many challenges. Some of these include:

  • How do we continue to channel shift existing customers while attracting new customers?
  • What customer segments have the highest potential to grow rapidly within the digital channels?
  • How do we use digital marketing to drive growth while maintaining a high ROI for our marketing efforts?
  • How do we use promotions to grow without offering discounts on products that would have been purchased anyway without the promotion?
  • What tools do we need to support our growth goals?
  • Do we have the talent to achieve the desired growth or do we need to partner while we build internal capabilities?

Digital Marketing Tailored for B2B

Insite’s Customer Growth Services team has been the trusted advisor in answering these questions for many B2B manufacturers and distributors across industries including hand tools, power tools, signs and labels, safety products, medical products, specialty gases, electronics, housewares, and consumer package goods. Our team understands that eCommerce and digital marketing maturity is different for each company and we have deep experience in creating the strategies and delivering the tactics to achieve growth. Examples include:

  • Search engine optimization that achieves parity with the largest B2B distributors and Amazon
  • Paid search without cannibalizing from the existing customer base
  • Email programs that produce high ROI and increased purchase frequency
  • Merchandising based on preferred suppliers and manufacturer incentives
  • Promotions backed with price sensitivity models to improve the likelihood that the promotions achieve incremental growth
  • Abandoned cart retargeting that converts potential lost opportunities without the use of a discount
  • LinkedIn campaigns targeted at buyers with large budgets and purchase authority
  • Rigorous testing and optimization to improve already successful programs
  • Training of personnel to increase internal capabilities

Join us on July 21st to learn more about how Insite’s Customer Growth Services team can increase the revenue growth of your eCommerce efforts.