Manufacturers Control Their Brand With Google Manufacturer Center Tools

Manufacturers Control Their Brand With Google Manufacturer Center Tools
September 10, 2015 Insite Software

Manufacturers, you have new tools to help you provide more detailed information about your products to Google users. Specially designed for brand manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers of own-brand products, Google Manufacturer Center is a service that gives you control of the information that is presented about your products to Internet users searching with Google, assists your reseller partners with accurate information about your brand, and offers new analytics about the products you have available on the Internet. You’ll be able to improve how your products appear on the Internet, elevate your brand and attract more buyers, while Google improves on the relevancy of the ads it displays related to product searches.

Control Your Brand on the Internet

Often times the accuracy and quality of a manufacturer’s product information and images resulting from Internet searches are less than optimal, a situation that manufacturers haven’t really had any control over. Now manufacturers who have a Manufacturer Center account can control the product content Google presents in search results on Google websites. The Manufacturer Center enables qualified manufacturers to provide detailed information about their products through data feed uploads or manual submissions, allowing manufacturers to put their best foot forward on Google-owned properties regardless of whether the manufacturer is selling directly.

Access to Your Brand Analytics

Perhaps the most compelling offering of the Manufacturer Center is the analytics Google makes available to you through the platform. The analytics give you insights on search performance, such as the number of times your products appear in Google search results, how often they are featured in ads, and how many clicks they get compared to your competitors’ products. With improved analytics you’ll know where to make the right changes to images, descriptions and product details to attract more and better qualified buyers.

Learn More About This Digital Commerce Opportunity

Insite Customer Growth Services is a certified Google Partner with years of B2B digital commerce experience guiding manufacturers and distributors in developing commerce strategies, including Internet services such as Google Shopping, Google Merchant Center, and now Google Manufacturer Center. For more information on how to improve your Internet presence with the Manufacturer Center, contact the Insite Customer Growth Services team at

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