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In our newest Wholesale Distribution eCommerce Success Story, we heard from Macpek, a leading distributor of heavy-duty vehicle parts and car wheels. Steven Wark, Information Technology Director at Macpek shared how Macpek has experienced success since the implementation of InsiteCommerce®

Macpek leverages InsiteCommerce as a B2B site to help customers self-serve with 24/7 access to real-time inventory checkers, centralized product information, order history and invoices. Before investing in Insite, Macpek was running Infor Storefront which is slowly being phased out. When they began their selection process, they looked for a solution that could easily integrate with their backend office systems.

“When looking for a new solution it was crucial that it had the ability to integrate with Infor SX.e. If someone calls a CSR to find inventory and pricing, for example, we need the information the CSR provides to be identical to what appears on the website,” said Wark.

Absolunet, an eCommerce Agency focused on eCommerce Integration, Replatforming and eMarketing played a key role in the decision-making process. Absolunet suggested that Insite Software had the platform capabilities and features needed to handle the complex challenges Macpek was facing.

Ultimately, Macpek chose Insite Software because Insite not only had the technology to support the company’s needs but also offered the promise to grow with Macpek in a continual partnership.

Macpek is already seeing massive results. The company is now seeing three to four new accounts being created per day. Macpek saw a revenue increase by 43% just one month after the launch of InsiteCommerce.

“If we measure our success with Insite on how we have made our clients’ lives easier to procure parts, I think we’ve succeeded on a massive scale,” said Wark.

To hear more about Macpek’s eCommerce challenges and the success the company has seen since integrating InsiteCommerce, view Macpek’s success story.

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