Leading a Multigenerational Team Through Digital Transformation
Leading a Multigenerational Team Through Digital Transformation
March 12, 2018 Insite Software

Leading a Multigenerational Team Through Digital Transformation

Embarking on a journey of digital transformation can be difficult for many manufacturing and distribution companies. When you add a team of employees across multiple generations to the mix, the transformation can seem even more daunting.

According to Pew Research, In 2015 millennials became the largest generation of the U.S. workforce with nearly 53.5 million workers. As younger generations continue entering the workforce, the bridge between the preferences and habits of your team will continue to expand.

How can you accommodate the tech-savvy millennials, requiring more digital interaction, without leaving the baby boomers who value live communication methods in the dust? As intimidating as it may seem, you can lead a multigenerational team through digital transformation with a collaborative and encompassing mindset leading the way.

In a recent CustomerThink article, Insite’s VP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Karie Daudt discussed the lessons she’s learned from working with and managing a multigenerational team. Karie’s tips include reinforcing continuous learning, embracing multiple communications methods, getting rid of traditional meetings, providing feedback based on individual teammates’ preferences, generating an environment of respect and being mindful of the egotists. Managing a team made up of employees across multiple generations may take a little extra effort but it is worth it in the end.

When you introduce new commerce solutions into your company as part of your digital transformation it’s important to keep another thing in mind: it’s not about moving your business completely online or ditching tried and true methods of success, it’s about combining and aligning digital and traditional methods for added business value.

At Insite we believe in unifying the B2B commerce experience. We drive value throughout organizations by delivering commerce solutions that enable internal employees to do their jobs more efficiently. Advances in technology did not mark the predicted “death” of the B2B salesperson, they transformed the role by freeing up sales and service representatives from mundane and repeatable tasks and allowing them to focus on fostering relationships and selling.

Leading your multigenerational team through digital transformation means helping them understand that a unified commerce environment drives more sales but also drives more value for the entire organization by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating productivity for every single person involved.