Leading Industrial Distributor’s Digital Strategy Aims to Increase Online Sales

Leading Industrial Distributor’s Digital Strategy Aims to Increase Online Sales
October 14, 2015 Insite Software

Valin Corporation, a leading U.S. distributor of automation, filtration, fluid handling, fluid power, heating and process control industrial brands, shares how they successfully launched a transformative business model centered on a multi-channel digital commerce approach, and how they plan to boost online sales revenue.

After years of declining online sales that started during the recession and never bounced back despite on-going efforts to revamp their aging website, Valin’s business leaders decided it was time to completely replatform their digital commerce site with InsiteCommerce. Phase one is set to go live in January 2016. A number of key dynamics are influencing their success in launching the new digital commerce approach; including a top-down, company-wide commitment to a new business vision, cross-functional collaboration and an agile project management methodology.

A New Vision

Valin knew that digitally transforming their business would affect all areas of the company due to the interdepartmental process-transfer nature of the business, that a successful transformation would require full participation from the entire organization, and that they needed a new business vision to guide them. The resulting vision statement kept the customer front and center, recognized the need for improved internal productivity, and included the ultimate goal of improving Valin’s position in the marketplace.

A Culture of Collaboration

Creating Valin’s new digital strategy plan meant working through ROI model exercises with input from all areas of the company. The digital strategy team at Valin is made up of representatives from departments across the company, including operations, warehouse, IT, sales, marketing, accounting and engineering. After the digital strategy plan was finalized, the team agreed to a three-year execution timeframe in meeting the ROI for their digital transformation investment.

Agile Methodology

To optimize collaboration within the organization in order to meet their strategy execution goals, Valin adopted an agile project management methodology. The agile methodology practices of open communication and disciplined project management proved successful in building the necessary momentum to keep their digital strategy project moving forward.

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