Intuitive Search Capabilities Promote Positive B2B Digital Commerce Customer Experience

Intuitive Search Capabilities Promote Positive B2B Digital Commerce Customer Experience
December 3, 2015 Insite Software

How easily can your customers find the products they’re looking for on your website? How are you enabling them to place an order quickly or repeat an order they’ve made in the past? Without intuitive search and order features on your B2B website your company risks being perceived as disorganized, and that’s not providing your customers with a positive digital commerce experience when they do business with your brand online.

Common search features such as keyword search, logical product categories, and results that are arranged according to customer preference are fairly basic features that your customers know and expect from their B2C interactions. Suggested search capabilities further enhance online digital commerce customer experience by allowing users to start typing a word, then product suggestions automatically appear for them to choose from, maybe even with an image or other attributes to reinforce order accuracy.

An important thing to note about search features is that they are heavily dependent on the completeness and accuracy of your product content.

Make Your Customers’ Job Easier With Quick Order Features

Quick order capabilities serve loyal customers who frequently come to your site by allowing them to order your products with SKU or item numbers. They just type the number, enter the quantity and proceed directly to order confirmation, without having to search for a product or click through a series of pages to get what they need.

The ability to repeat orders so customers don’t have to rebuild orders of frequently purchased items is another feature that fosters customer loyalty. Why would a customer go to a competitor when the order they need is already built and ready to go on your website with a few minor edits?

Your website’s intuitive search and quick order capabilities show your customers that you understand their needs and are providing features to make their job easier.

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