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Last fall, Dave Schneider from Red Wing Shoe Company gave a dynamic keynote presentation at our Engage User Conference. He used the phrase, honor the work to describe storytelling. How do you tell your story and your customers’ stories in a way that’s authentic, honest and compelling? He astutely captured the essence of outstanding marketing in those three little words. So we set out to build something that honors the incredible work our customers do.

Many of our customers’ stories start a little something like this:

100 years ago, our founder started distributing lightbulbs out of his truck. Today we are a full-service electrical distributor employing more than 250 people.

We’ve heard countless stories that are similar to this. Manufacturing and distribution companies have been around for decades, some even centuries.  They’ve created businesses with true staying power. Their founders built businesses that created jobs and made their communities stronger. They infused values like trust, honest and integrity into their cultures and always found a way to say yes to their customers. Sustaining a business for decades requires an astute ability to lean into change and a relentless passion to prioritize the customer. Our customers are doing incredible things. They’ve built extraordinary legacies. We wanted to celebrate them. We wanted to follow Dave’s lead and honor the work.

So, Legacy Builders Magazine was born. Legacy Builders celebrates people who are spearheading digital transformation within their organizations. They’re honoring the legacies their founders left before them and bringing their businesses into the future.

Legacy Builders Magazine Cover

The debut issue of Legacy Builders is focused on the stories of AD (Affiliated Distributors) members like Consolidated Supply, George T. Sanders,  Source Atlantic and many others.

In addition to spotlights on innovative manufacturers and distributors, you’ll find articles like:

  • 5 things an independent distributor needs to do before launching their digital branch
  • 6 key product content questions you should be asking
  • 7 signs you’ve outgrown your current eCommerce platform
  • 5 simple truths about selling to millennials
  • The ins and outs of making the right platform choice

Several contributing authors made the first edition come to life including Caroline Ernst, Brian Lunde, Jon Greene, Mike Wentz, Morgan Short, Mike Bernard and Steve Shaffer.

Thank you to our sponsors Absolunet, Nish Tech, Inc., XCentium, Xngage, Perficient and Verndale.

So, how do you get your hands on a copy of this magazine?

Option 1: Download our digital version of the magazine at

Option 2: Send us a note at with your name, company and address and we will send you a hard copy free of charge, while supplies last.

Whatever method you choose, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by these amazing legacies, just as we are. Now it’s time to dive in and explore!