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The results are in – we’ve identified the top Insite blogs for Q1 2018. From identifying the major disruptors hitting manufacturers and distributors in 2018, to stories of companies that have transformed their businesses through strong B2B eCommerce strategies, six blogs stood out from the rest in terms of reader interest.

In case you missed one or more of these gems, here is a list of the 6 best-read blogs in Q1. We’ve included a short summary and link for your convenience. Enjoy!

In 2018’s Top 5 eCommerce Disruptors for Manufacturers Insite’s Vice President of Customer Experience & Marketing describes the major challenges facing manufacturers this year. From the economic impact of IoT, to customers’ demands for pricing transparency, these are the disruptors that manufacturers must overcome now to gain the most advantage from both existing and new B2B eCommerce solutions.

Distributors are also facing a common set of challenges in 2018, as we identified in our post on the 5 Disruptors for Distributors in 2018.  The requirements of a unified commerce environment drive many of the accelerators (and landmines) within the complex B2B buying cycle of distribution customers. This blog outlines how understanding ways to use these disruptors to their advantage can be a game changer for many mid-sized distributors.

Speaking of the distribution industry, our post on Northern Radiator’s B2B eCommerce strategy and its success statistics – fully 1/3 of the distributor’s sales now come from online channels – got the attention of many of our readers. Northern Radiator is one of many Customer Success Stories we’ve highlighted over the last several months as measurable results reports pile in from happy InsiteCommerce customers.

In mid-March Insite was fortunate to host a webinar with Forrester’s John Bruno in which the topic centered around the fact that The Future of B2B eCommerce is Omnichannel. Bruno and Insite VP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Karie Daudt covered many of the reasons why B2B eCommerce will never be fully self-service, and the importance of mapping the commerce journey to the complex and evolving needs of the B2B buyer, and the roles that support the B2B buying cycle like sales and service.

Manufacturers also reported successful implementations with InsiteCommerce and in fact Buyers Products had one of the strongest launches we’ve seen in a long time.  With over 30% of their customers onboarding into their new digital commerce system within the first four months, this Manufacturing eCommerce Success Story describes a set of strong results including higher site traffic, the addition of new business partners, and many satisfied customers.

Finally in our list of top blogs in Q1, we’re happy to report that post on the 7 Reasons Customers Switch to Insite made it in just under the wire. From synchronous, efficient upgrades, to mapping to the B2B customer journey, to an understanding that B2B commerce occurs everywhere (not just at a desk) it’s clear why manufacturers and distributors turn to Insite for the only solution truly Built for B2B™.

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Manufacturing and distribution companies know that the true value of digital commerce is the ability to make it easier for your customers to do business with you. The B2B buyer is often responsible for purchasing products from one to many vendors or product types

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