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From attending two industry events, planning our inaugural user conference, and gaining the trust of new manufacturing and distribution customers, Q2 certainly kept our leaders busy! While there was a lot going on, we were sure to keep up with the latest B2B eCommerce trends and share our unique perspectives on our blog.

In case you missed some of our top blogs from Q2, here’s a list of 5 of our readers’ favorites. Hope you enjoy!

In The People of B2B – How Supporting Every Role within B2B Commerce Drives Successful Digital Transformation, we launched a discussion about how every person’s role in the B2B buying cycle can be supported with eCommerce solutions that understand the complexities of people, products and channels. From CSR’s, to sales, to technicians in the field, each B2B role sees unique benefits with the implementation of eCommerce.

But how do you know whether the eCommerce platform is one that truly understands the complexities of B2B? Our experts created a list of 5 Essential Considerations when Choosing a B2B eCommerce Platform, to make choosing the right B2B eCommerce platform less daunting. Although there are many considerations businesses should make for their unique needs, this list will definitely get you headed on the right track.

We didn’t forget about those who have already initiated their digital transformation journeys and are looking to replatform. It can be equally tricky, and even more important to know you are making the right platform decisions the second time around. Replatforming has become quite the conundrum, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience, especially with our  Roadmap for eCommerce Replatforming.

While working on selecting the right platform, it’s also essential to consider your commerce strategy – one that incorporates traditional and digital sales channels and allows for seamless movement between them. Our experts released a report that uncovers the real components of unified B2B eCommerce.

The need for unified B2B commerce experiences is apparent because we’re seeing massive changes in how buyers are making decisions. The buying cycle involves more self-service and discovery than ever before. Manufacturers and distributors need to integrate customer touchpoints to meet evolving expectations. Insite and WBR Insights (B2B Online) set out to examine how well manufacturers and distributors believe they are actually doing at meeting their customers’ expectations.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Insite’s blog! And watch out for a new series coming Q3 about how B2B eCommerce can drive real results for your business. From increasing revenue, staying profitable and supporting your brand, B2B eCommerce can be truly transformational when implemented correctly.