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Insite Software is excited to release a new update (v4.3.2) to InsiteCommerce instances hosted via our SaaS platform. As InsiteCommerce progresses with our cloud model, customers will continue to benefit from more frequent, automatic updates. For those of our customers on our cloud platform, these updates will be auto-applied to your sandbox instance, and will be scheduled to roll out to production instances in a few weeks.

In continuance with our overall product roadmap and strategy, this cloud release contains improvements ultimately influenced by our customer’s feedback, as well as continual improvement of existing product features. This latest release, contains improvements such as:

Product Restriction Group Management

While product restriction groups have been a feature of InsiteCommerce previously, this update introduces a “wizard”-style walkthrough to create and manage these groups. It provides business users an easy and flexible way to manage the rules and including a summary at the end to show exactly what is being restricted. Product restriction groups are especially helpful for manufacturers and distributors to deliver personalized catalogs to their users.


In addition to the option of managing themes via the Admin Console, developers now have full access to build out a unique website theme using their own desktop tools. Developers can still leverage Insite’s standard responsive theme to build out their site UI/UX, or they can build out their own unique design. InsiteCommerce now also leverages GitHub as the repository to handle the deployment of theme changes, a familiar method to many developers.

The base Insite responsive theme has also been updated, with changes such as: enhanced home page design, enhanced header & footer design, additional category fly-out styling.

Server-Side Customizations & Developer Tools

Additional changes allow code-level business-logic extensions to be deployed to InsiteCommerce in the cloud environment. For InsiteCommerce developers who are used to working in Visual Studio or other similar desktop tools, extensions to the InsiteCommerce cloud environment are now supported in these tools, making it easier for developers to build out unique business logic.


Additionally, many smaller bug fixes and improvements were made in this latest iteration of InsiteCommerce. Stay tuned over the coming months as additional releases will roll out to InsiteCommerce customers.

Have any questions about the latest release? Visit the Support Portal article for additional information.