Insite Partner ICF Interactive Sees Rapid Growth Ahead in B2B E-commerce

Insite Partner ICF Interactive Sees Rapid Growth Ahead in B2B E-commerce
September 23, 2015 Insite Software

Insite Software partner, ICF Interactive, reported recently that only 5% of retail sales are made online. In B2B e-commerce that figure is probably even lower. ICF further predicted that online sales will reach 50% in the next 5 years. In B2B, that figure will be even higher. Going from less than 5% to beyond 50% in five years means manufacturers and distributors are adding and optimizing digital channels as the centerpiece of their overall business strategy more than ever.

E-commerce Jargon

In the B2C e-commerce world, the shopping pattern known as online-to-offline (O2O) means consumers look for products online but often purchase offline at a bricks-and-mortar store. In the B2B e-commerce world omni-channel is the more common term for a similar buying practice of blending online and offline channels. As manufacturers and distributors embrace digital commerce, the B2B buyer’s journey increasingly includes multiple channels and different ways to engage your customers throughout their buying journey.

Likewise, B2B buyers — your customers — demand an omni-channel experience when they engage with you. Similar to B2C, B2B customers usually begin their research online and ultimately purchase offline, perhaps one-on-one with their account rep or a customer service rep for example.

Omni-channel Strategy

In an omni-channel commerce world, your business runs more efficiently, as your internal staff uses the e-commerce technology to aid in closing sales, set and measure goals and metrics, analyze data, and plan strategies around pricing, contracts, marketing, logistics and other critical business processes.

ICF partnered with Insite as a trusted B2B e-commerce technology supplier, emphasizing Insite’s philosophy of a customer-focused approach in building an omni-channel B2B e-commerce strategy. Together, ICF and Insite offer a breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise to transform complex business and technical challenges into flexible, scalable and holistic solutions.

About ICF Interactive

ICF Interactive is a full-service interactive marketing agency that guides brands through informed strategy, inspired design, and technical know-how. Featuring a wide breadth of digital marketing, content management, and B2B commerce expertise, ICF Interactive delivers fully integrated, omni-channel solutions.

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