Insite eCommerce Customer Hisco Inc Featured in Forbes

Insite eCommerce Customer Hisco Inc Featured in Forbes
April 6, 2016 Insite Software

Hisco - Insite Software

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It’s always gratifying to see one of our B2B ecommerce customers get the recognition they deserve. So we were thrilled to see our innovative customer Hisco Inc. featured in Forbes last week.

In an article entitled, “One Underdog’s Secret to Adopting Big-Company Best Practices,” specialty distributor Hisco is lauded as an entrepreneurial company embracing change by strategically deploying cutting-edge technology while remaining true to its nimble, lean legacy. For example, according to Forbes, “Hisco has standardized its supply chain practices and is developing an integrated, multi-channel sales platform so that customers can interact however they choose with the supplier. ‘It’s always about the customer experience,’” Hisco CEO Bob Dill is quoted as saying.

We agree with Bob. At Insite, our focus is creating more valuable, engaging interactions throughout the entire customer life cycle and across every sales channel by bridging online and offline buys—and connecting buyers and sellers—for a seamless, 360° buying experience. By enabling both sides of the B2B selling equation, we help businesses optimize while giving customers the multi-channel experience they crave.

Ecommerce Empowers Sales to Deliver More Value

Early on, Hisco recognized the business value of this hybrid approach and began putting a plan in place to realize this vision. According to Hisco’s Senior VP of Marketing and eCommerce Tom McElroy in Forbes, “Hisco is now moving simple orders online, which frees salesmen with deep technical skills to acquire new business.”

This strategy—enabling online self-service of simple orders while empowering sales reps to deliver more value during complex, consultative selling situations—is the essence of our Connected Commerce strategy here at Insite and the reason why we acquired sales content delivery platform provider Storyworks1 late last year.

We congratulate Hisco on their ongoing success and this great feature story in Forbes. It’s well-deserved!