Why Improving Product Information Is a Big Opportunity in B2B eCommerce

Why Improving Product Information Is a Big Opportunity in B2B eCommerce
February 2, 2016 Insite Software

As a B2B eCommerce stakeholder in your manufacturing or distribution organization, you’re concerned about presenting your products in the best way possible so that your customers can make purchasing decisions. You’re also concerned about the time, cost and talent required not only to transition your print catalog to an online format (if you haven’t yet), but to provide all the extra information about your products in the modern, consumable formats your customers expect — and may already see on your competitors’ websites.

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Meet B2B Buyer Expectations

You know better than anyone that your B2B customers have changed. B2B buyers shop online for consumer products like the rest of us do, and they want their buying experience to more closely emulate the B2C buying experience.

But selling B2B products online is considerably more complex than B2C products. The buyer has a longer consideration timescale for the purchase. There is a lot more complexity in the product features and configurations, which must be clearly presented online in formats that your B2C-ecommerce-loving customers know are available and expect; or presented in more sophisticated formats that are ideal for complex B2B products.

Types of content formats for B2B eCommerce range from high-quality images with multiple angles, image zoom, high definition video, 3D animations, CAD illustrations, thorough descriptions, detailed specs and support documentation. The more complex the product, the longer the list of content possibilities.

Get Ahead of Your B2B eCommerce Competitors

Some of the vendors your customers do business with are digitally transformed with B2B eCommerce, others are not. Your customers are watching as the gap between the digital haves and have-nots becomes more apparent to them. This is your opportunity to establish your brand squarely among the digitally enlightened.

Better Product Information is Within Reach

Product information management (PIM) systems continue to improve and become more sophisticated, allowing for the variety of digital content formats that are ideal for the deep product information required by B2B buyers in order to make complex purchasing decisions.

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