Good B2B e Commerce Website Design: Make it Easy to do Business With You

Good B2B e Commerce Website Design: Make it Easy to do Business With You
November 18, 2015 Insite Software

A positive user experience (UX) on your B2B e commerce website is directly related to your sales and distribution channels in driving the overall customer experience. Good UX woven into your e commerce website design means conveying your key messages and value propositions to your customers and prospects subtly throughout your website with words, images, graphic design and interactive design.

3 Guiding Principles for Effective B2B e Commerce Website Design

When designing a new website, sometimes it’s easy for interactive bells and whistles and flashy graphics to get in the way of good UX design, and soon the very essence of what you want your website to do is jeopardized. Three guiding principles help you avoid that and keep your UX design efforts focused on delivering a great B2B customer experience:

  • Fish Where the Fish Are:
    You’re probably aware that mobile-friendly design is very important and should be considered as part your customer experience strategy, but keep in mind that your business customers may just as likely be at their desk when they order from you. The same customer experience must come through whether your customer is reaching you online by desktop or mobile device.
  • Connect Rationally and Emotionally:
    Good UX on your e commerce website conveys trust in your industry expertise, product quality, security competence and ability to understand your customers’ business challenges.
  • Be Easy to Do Business With:
    A positive user experience and digital tools empower your customers and sales reps alike in helping those customers get the necessary information and speed to make their jobs easier. Good UX actually helps your customers do their jobs better, faster and more easily.

Learn more about the importance of connecting logically and emotionally with your customers with a well-organized and impressive user interface design that makes your company easy to do business with:

Good UX design is one of six keys that drives change and digitally transforms the B2B customer experience. Next week’s blog will cover Key #3: how rich content educates, inspires and converts your customers.