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The relentless evolution of eCommerce affects the entire business ecosystem and opportunities presented by that change are matched only by its challenges.  In this summary of a new Insite Software video story, B2B distribution industry expert Jeff Wright, Darren Taylor, CMO of MORSCO, and Erik Engman, Director, Digital Marketing & Merchandising at MORSCO discuss the changing expectations of B2B customers.

Technology can now assist diverse tasks, bringing unheralded efficiencies to business processes – when properly deployed. Customers are certainly entitled to expect more out of their eCommerce solution provider now that they know how much B2B capability can be delivered right out of the box.

It’s a given that any order you receive should be the right product, the quality you expect, delivered on time.  In today’s always-on, 24/7 connected world, however, that may not be enough.  Customer’s expectations are at a premium and a one-size-fits-all solution is never dynamic enough to meet the depth and breadth of changing buyers’ needs. That’s why the ability to adapt in real-time to new information can make or break your eCommerce strategy.  As Darren Taylor, CMO of MORSCO notes, “As technology advances, people’s behaviors change – quickly. Companies struggle to keep up.”

Insite helps clients adapt by offering multiple solutions and the platform excels at serving them with the same flexibility their customers expect.  Erik Engram, MORSCO’s Director of Marketing and Merchandising explains how with the right technology, companies can cut down on unnecessary tasks, eliminating common headaches, while enabling them to focus on what’s important.

“Our platform cuts down on busywork,” Engram continues. “It gives our clients more time to reinvest in perfecting what they do. Instead of making endless phone calls and sifting through a myriad of pricing structures, they can refine their approach to service, making the process as convenient and effective as possible.”

Exciting challenges lie ahead for eCommerce distribution companies like MORSCO. Distribution industry expert Jeff Wright agrees that it’s imperative for distributors to “listen very closely to customers and understand their needs and then set your organization up to deliver against that. In an industry where so many relationships are built on trust, we want to continue to ensure that your voice is heard and valued when it comes to your expectations for your eCommerce solutions provider.”

Learn more about how Insite Software powers MORSCO’s new eCommerce site. Read the Customer Success Story here. 


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