Digital Tools That Connect Commerce & Sales Teams

Digital Tools That Connect Commerce & Sales Teams
December 22, 2015 Insite Software

In the B2B eCommerce world, a lot can happen in 10 months. One of our blogs early this year offered advice on how to transition and reshape the sales team’s role in a digitally transformed commerce setting. Digital commerce channels don’t have to be the elephant in the room with regard to the sales team, we said. This month with Insite’s acquisition of Storyworks1, Insite has more proof than ever that your sales and service teams can actually increase productivity, grow professionally and have a more strategic business role in a B2B eCommerce environment, not the other way around as is sometimes feared.

Advanced Digital Tools Inspire New Selling Techniques

With the combined technology of commerce and sales enablement, account-based sales and service reps benefit from advanced digital tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently and add more value to the buyer experience, resulting in better business outcomes for both sellers and buyers. It opens the door to new selling techniques that connect online content and data with physical-channel, rep-based customer engagement, especially useful for selling products that are higher in complexity and value. Tony Abena, Insite Software CEO, said this week, “Using data means better decisions for both the buyer and seller; it ends up taking the friction out of the process and makes both sides more efficient.”

Knocking Down Silos Between Sales & Commerce Teams

The acquisition comes at a time when Insite is making efforts to break down the sales and commerce department silos that exist inside too many manufacturing and distribution companies. “Companies are trying to figure out what is the appropriate balance of connectivity between a physical channel and the data and information they need to be successful,” said Abena. “Sales teams can see gains from the big data, analytics and automation as much as eCommerce teams can.”

In a B2B eCommerce environment, less complex orders move online, but there will always be the need for physical sales reps. Learn more about how you can grow revenues across both online and physical sales channels, cut costs and turbocharge the productivity of your sales and service teams with Insite and Storyworks1.