B2B Salespeople Can’t Find the Content They Need
B2B Salespeople Can’t Find the Content They Need
September 21, 2017 Jeff Winter

B2B Salespeople Can’t Find the Content They Need

It’s no doubt manufacturers and distributors everywhere are feeling the competitive pressures of an ever-tightening marketplace. With the B2B opportunity only increasing, market pressures are sure to not lessen anytime soon. Between new smaller “pop-up” distributors undercutting prices (and service…) to the pressures of large Amazon and Amazon-like marketplaces, selling in the B2B space continues to get more difficult. Couple that with more products, generational shifts on the seller and buyer’s side, and it’s no wonder the B2B salesperson can feel overwhelmed and underprepared.

However, many companies’ sales and marketing teams are identifying these pain points, sometimes in response to salespeople’s request, and other times preemptively. B2B marketers today are equipped with many ways to help their company sell their products: high resolution imagery, 360° moveable images, the ability to share CAD drawings and parts diagrams, both online and off. All of these rich product marketing materials are immensely helpful to their salesforce…

…if they can find it.

A recent eMarketer article examined a survey of B2B sales professionals in North America, and came to the startling revelation that “…many senior B2B sales professionals in North America understandably just want features that make their jobs easier.” Well of course, that is stating the obvious, the breakdown of the top requested features is much more interesting. Amongst the top requested features include: a quick navigable/searchable sales collateral repository, integration with CRM, ability to share content with prospects and track them, and mobile and offline access.

However, it does make sense, and is easy to visualize why these are amongst the top. These salespeople know certain content exists, however when they’re having an ad-hoc conversation with a buyer, they need to be able to quickly pull out their iPad, search for the piece they’re thinking of, and shoot it off via email to that buyer, all without breaking stride or interrupting the conversation.

This scenario is familiar to many InsitePortfolio™ customers, who leverage that tool to facilitate that very action in the field every day.

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