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As manufacturers and distributors, you are faced with an abundance of challenges every day. An eCommerce platform that doesn’t deliver on the very challenges it promised to solve only creates more headaches and pains for everyone involved.

The reality is that many platforms traditionally focused on B2C commerce have moved over to B2B commerce to get a slice of the pie. And although those companies certainly deliver powerful commerce options for B2C, B2B commerce is far more complex. Platforms built for B2C simply won’t cut it.

From the beginning, Insite has been laser-focused on meeting the demands of manufacturers and distributors and delivering the most powerful eCommerce solutions Built for B2B™. Many of our customers have switched to Insite after hitting roadblocks with their previous commerce platforms. Distributors who originally choose their ERP provider’s commerce solution eventually switch to Insite. Users who have found themselves with a commerce environment built primarily for simple B2C transactions usually switch to Insite as well.

Manufacturers and distributors need to understand that B2B eCommerce is more than a website. Insite believes in B2B commerce that truly goes beyond commerce, digitally transforming businesses for the better and enabling every person in the buying cycle to do their jobs more efficiently.

Why so many wrong choices? The same answers come back to us every time from our customers. Here are seven common reasons that drove them to make the switch to insite.

  1. A rigid eCommerce box doesn’t work for complex B2B buying scenarios.

    We understand that no size fits all in manufacturing and distribution. Every company has different challenges and we’ve built our commerce solutions with complex B2B challenges in mind. InsiteCommerce™ has built-in extension and customization for even the most difficult B2B challenges.

  2. Customizations for standard B2B capabilities are too cumbersome.

    Insite has been Built for B2B since its inception in 2004. Because of our historic focus on B2B, we are able to provide more native B2B capability out-of-the-box than any other platform in the marketplace. With the ability to handle things like complex pricing, work flows, and multi-location inventory management, Insite can handle the idiosyncrasies in B2B so the platform doesn’t need an overwhelming number of customizations. Manufacturers and distributors can have peace of mind that Insite’s platform will scale to keep up with their company growth.

  3. The roadmap has to follow the B2B customer journey, much more than just a shopping transaction.

    When you switch to Insite, your voice is heard, period. 50% of our platform’s roadmap is directly influenced by our customers and the challenges they are facing. Our customers ask for functionality, and we work it into our product roadmap to build it in the future.

  4. Most B2C-based eCommerce solutions don’t understand the complexity of B2B.

    We’ve heard it from more than one customer, “Insite just gets it.” We understand the challenges of the manufacturing and distribution industries. B2B is difficult, and it’s important to partner with a company that feels your pain.Sunny Dasgupta, Digital Marketing Specialist at Behler-Young Company, said it best when he said, “All B2B platforms are not the same. We were confident in choosing Insite because they spoke our language and understood our complex challenges. We trust Insite because of their expertise, experience and focus on B2B.”

  5. Upgrades need to occur in a synchronous, efficient way.

    InsiteCommerce™ is deployed in the cloud. Insite takes a holistic approach to cloud that encompasses business and technical advantages. Your organization does not have to install our software, configure or monitor the environment, host it yourself, or apply expensive upgrades in the future because Insite takes care of the logistics so you can focus on doing what you do best.

  6. B2B commerce has to occur everywhere, not just at a desk.

    Not all B2B customers are completing work behind a desk, many of them are in the field working on projects. Insite provides mobile options to meet your customers where they’re at, whether they’re at a desk or in the field. We take a holistic, omnichannel approach to commerce to address the needs of all the people in the buying cycle. That includes a mobile app that goes beyond responsivity.

  7. Most B2C-based eCommerce providers are lacking in-depth B2B expertise

    Many B2C-focused companies don’t necessarily have the B2B expertise needed to truly be an eCommerce partner you can rely on. Our team has extensive B2B knowledge and some of them have even worked in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Plus, we have an impressive partner network full of subject matter experts.

Insite welcomes the challenge to win our customers’ business every single year. Our customers choose us because they see the value in our B2B expertise. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. View our manufacturing and distribution customer success stories to hear from those who have seen the value in ditching their old commerce platforms for a new, best-in-class commerce experience.