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Can you believe there’s less than 40 days left in 2019? Perhaps even more unbelievable though, is the fact that there’s also less than 40 days left in the decade! We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and send our best wishes as you prepare for the final month of 2019.

But before we devour turkey, cheer on our favorite football teams and spend some time with our loved ones, we first want to take some time to share a few things we’re grateful for.

1. For the new talent we welcomed to the Insite family

The Insite team is full of talented and passionate people. Our CEO, Steve Shaffer likes to call us builders, finders and sustainers. Our builders consist of our developers, engineers and product-focused people. They’re working to shape and build a leading-edge eCommerce product that solves the unique challenges of manufacturing and distribution. Finders are our sales and marketing folks who are working to build industry relationships and earn the trust of manufacturers and distributors. Finally, sustainers like our customer support, knowledge and learning, accounting and HR employees have the important responsibility to ensure our customers’ sites are running properly and our internal processes and operations are going according to plan.

We’re proud to announce that more than 20 builders, finders and sustainers joined the Insite team so far this year. We’re grateful they’ve dedicated their skills to making Insite a better place. Thank you new hires!

  • Cody Anhorn – Senior Developer
  • Betsy Lundsten – Systems Security Administrator Lead
  • Annie Albright – Accounting Associate
  • Sebastian Millin – Developer
  • Scott Jennerjohn – Developer
  • Donart Tota – Site Reliability Engineer
  • Ryan Payne – Senior UX Designer
  • Shanqi Zhan – Software Support Engineer
  • Jacob Gerval – Jr. Software Support Engineer
  • Mike Wentz – VP Industry Alliances
  • Bobby Barjasteh – Full Stack Software Developer
  • Joshua Rowe – Project Manager
  • Mike Bernard – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sara Winter – Product Manager
  • David Englund – Site Reliability Engineering Manager
  • Heath Galyon – Senior Director, Partner Enablement & Success
  • Rachel Walwood – Front End Developer
  • Steve Scheel – Mobile Developer
  • Shawn Oudavanh – Senior Manager, Application Support
  • Kuzma Fesenko – Technical Support Analyst
  • Kaitlyn Heisick – Learning Experience Designer
  • Leigh Spilseth – Customer Success Manager
  • Tonye Praught – Graphic and Web Designer/Developer

2. For building deeper relationships with our partners, and forming new alliances

Thank you to our implementation partners, Absolunet, Nishtech, Perficient Digital, Verndale, Xngage, XCentium and Adapty who have helped Insite customers get the most out of their investment in InsiteCommerce.

Our technology and consulting partners also add incredible value to our customers. A special thank you goes out to PunchOut2Go, Real Results Marketing and Supplier Solutions who sponsored Insite’s second annual user conference, Engage 2019 along with our implementation partners.

Finally we’re proud we have formed a strategic alliance with AD to help independent distributors take their businesses to new heights and compete with national players.

3. For our forward-thinking, innovative customers

Our customers are doing extraordinary things. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such incredible transformations. Here are just a few stories of success:

  • Cleaver-Brooks is incorporating new technology, solving customer problems and even saving lives
  • Amerhart is inspiring people and communities to achieve their own version of the American Dream by implementing a paradigm shift in business
  • Jones Healthcare serves more than 12,000 pharmacies across the world and their ultimate goal is to provide more efficient ways for all 12,000 pharmacies to do business with them
  • Consolidated Supply has built more ways for their customers to engage with them, and through eCommerce they’ve even created new jobs

4. For validation from industry experts and third party analysts

Insite was founded in 2004 with a single purpose: to help manufacturers and distributors transform their businesses for the future. Which is why we are so proud we’ve received validation for our efforts in building best-in-class digital commerce solutions.

You can download these reports here.

5. For the trust new companies have placed in our team and our products

Finally, Insite could not be more grateful to the 40+ new companies we expect to add to the roster of customers before the end of the year. We cannot wait to build partnerships with you and play a part in transforming your businesses for the future. We are honored you chose us we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

There are so many reasons to be grateful this season. We’ll leave you with a few eCommerce related Thanksgiving puns. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • We pecan’t believe it: Insite makes eCommerce easy as pie
  • Not happy with your eCommerce solution? With Insite, it’s all gravy
  • Don’t let your CEO be a Turkey! Invest in the right eCommerce platform