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At Insite, we’re always contributing to the conversation around B2B eCommerce. We’re also dedicated to staying on top of the latest news and opinions from B2B eCommerce influencers and experts.  Digital transformation is driving forward at an increasingly accelerated pace. That increased pace is also boosting ROI for B2B eCommerce for forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors

At Insite Software it’s always a top priority to listen to our customers and understand their needs and wants now and in the future.  It’s also important to understand the ways thought leaders are shaping the B2B solution market, to remain in our position as leaders within the industry.

Who do we think are some true B2B eCommerce influencers and thought leaders?   Here are 5 people we trust, individuals we think you should be following too. Have someone for the list? Add them in the comments section. 

John Bruno, Analyst, Forrester Research –  In 2016 Bruno shot out of the gate as one of the leading B2B eCommerce influencers with the introduction of his Forrester blog.  Bruno’s unique perspective derived from his experience at the intersection of commerce, sales, retail, and technology has stood out from the pack by challenging formerly accepted “truths” within B2B eCommerce, such as the convergence of B2B and B2C. Last week Forrester released its new B2B eCommerce Playbook, where clearly, Bruno and his co-authors Daniel Hong, Peter Harrison and Madeline King are challenging the B2B industry to “fundamentally rethink how they go to market.”

Paul Demery, Editor, B2B eCommerce World –  For the past 16 years Demery has straddled the worlds of internet retail and B2B eCommerce but it’s clear his interests lie in tackling the challenges surrounding the complexity of B2B. Demery lists himself as a “reporter covering B2B eCommerce tech and strategies” on his LinkedIn profile and it shows in his determination to bring objectivity as an editor and writer to the content within B2B E-Commerce World  As one of our B2B eCommerce influencers, Demery has had key involvement with some of the biggest eCommerce conferences as both an organizer and presenter, including the inaugural B2B Next, coming this September in Chicago.

Ann Handley, best-selling author, Partner at MarketingProfs – Handley emerged as a social media superstar in the late 2000’s and has continued to be a prolific and influential voice in B2B marketing. Although most people view her as a content marketing expert, Handley demonstrates strong expertise in adapting marketing and content strategies and tactics to the world of B2B commerce. MarketingProfs’ B2B content marketing research and reports are a must-read for B2B commerce marketers who want to improve the B2B customer experience.

Mike HockettEditor, Industrial Distribution and Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation –  Hockett is the pragmatist on our list, writing, curating and editing stories from deep within the modern industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. A former sportswriter, his interest in the human stories within B2B helps make his content not only interesting but purposeful. As an editor, Hockett strives for that unique balance between strategic, thought-provoking pieces and pragmatic “how-to’s”.  In particular, Hockett is a “must follow” on Twitter for his consistent curation of news within B2B industry.

Cecilia Edwards, Partner, Everest Group – Although our final pick might seem a bit outside the box, digital transformation is a huge part of  B2B eCommerce success and Cecilia Edwards is definitely a leading voice in that arena. An expert on the critical components of B2B digital transformation  Edwards was formerly the  Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President of Client Services at Telligent, a leader in the community and collaboration software industry.  Edwards continually holds IT departments’ “feet to the fire” in her commitment to positioning technology not as an answer, but as an enabler to B2B innovation.

Interested in a holistic approach to digital transformation? Read about it here. 

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