3 Key Areas of Digital Transformation Executives Must Guide

3 Key Areas of Digital Transformation Executives Must Guide
October 8, 2015 Insite Software

Many manufacturing and distribution executives are now starting to realize the transformative impact of deploying digital technologies in their organizations. Your customers want to use digital channels to connect, research, transact and socialize with you more than ever before.

A digital initiative will bring a lot of change throughout your organization and as a member of your organization’s executive leadership, you and your level of involvement in the digital transformation are extremely important in keeping the momentum going and in minimizing the internal disruption that an undertaking this significant may bring.

3 key areas of digital transformation the C-suite must influence

Among the many contributions you and your other executive leaders make to the initiative, three stand out as the most important aspects that the C-suite should focus on the most for a successful digital transformation:

Digital Strategy

Given the fast pace of change in the digital space today, spending months of time and significant capital on crafting a digital strategy is not opportunistic or affordable for most organizations. Organizations must move more quickly and enable agility in all areas of their organization, starting with strategy.

Invest for Transformation

Successful digital commerce initiatives drive business model transformation.  The premise that business model transformation will occur should make us stop and realize that this investment will be significantly larger than technology projects of the past. And, digital transformation is a multi-year journey, not a one-time project.

Set Goals and Measure

Incorporate metrics and goals as an ongoing part of your strategy as they are key momentum drivers. Relevant metrics will evolve and change over time as your customer adoption grows and as new technologies are introduced.

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