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Cut through the clutter of information about digital transformation. As you embark on your digital journey trust our experts. Insite Software is an eCommerce leader and has been Built for B2B since 2004. Need clarity? Ask Insite.

The B2B eCommerce Experts

When you Ask Insite our answers arm you with the tools you need to venture into your digital transformation journey, turning challenge into opportunity. Check back often to see new questions and answers from the B2B eCommerce experts.

Q: What Crucial Role do Executive Leaders Play in Digital Transformation?

The success of digital initiatives for manufacturers and distributors can be tied to one critical factor – the commitment of executive leadership to change the way business gets done. Executive leaders make three key contributions during the planning and execution of a successful digital commerce transformation. They play an active role in the creation of strategy, champion the need to invest, and set performance metrics and stay engaged throughout the entire project lifestyle.

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Q: Are B2B and B2C Experiences Converging?

We often hear ideas and buzz about the “convergence of B2B and B2C” in eCommerce. Insite experts have weighed in. Though there are certainly a few points where B2C and B2B experiences do meet, the idea that B2B experiences mirror B2C experiences in their entirety is simply not true. To create the best B2B eCommerce experiences, we need to focus on the areas in which B2B diverges from B2C (hint there are at least 7 major points).

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Q: How Can You Tell Whether an eCommerce Platform is Truly Engineered for B2B?

Far too often, B2C eCommerce platform providers claim to be experts at B2B eCommerce, simply to capitalize on the growing needs of B2B focused companies. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and convincing their clients that they are experienced in B2B. So how can you sift through the noise and find a platform with the B2B functionality you need? The first step lies in identifying the requirements.

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Q: Why is My B2B eCommerce Site Failing?

Launching a successful B2B eCommerce site out of the gate can be a challenge and it really depends on how well it’s implemented. Most companies don’t make the right investments in implementation upfront, which could be deadly. A poor eCommerce launch could compromise your competitive place in the market and long-term viability. There are many reasons why your eCommerce implementation may fail. Knowing the reasons many businesses fail can help you succeed in your own transformation.

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Q: What is Personalization in B2B?

Personalization must be redefined to meet the needs of B2B commerce. Many B2B eCommerce providers represent B2B personalization in a way that reflects a B2C customer experience, creating a disconnect within B2B commerce systems. Within any B2B customer journey, it’s easy to see how personalization and customization are close cousins. However, personalization works differently in B2B commerce when it comes to search, catalog and list management, pricing, orders, promotions, merchandising and approvals.

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Q: How Can I Unify My Sales Channels and Drive More Value?

When your sales channels are truly unified, customer movement between digital and human interactions is seamless. There are strong post-purchase activities that drive both loyalty and valuable data. Your customers and your team have access to real-time, synchronous information from the user experience and enterprise systems. Additionally there are fully functional mobile capabilities that support commerce everywhere a transaction can occur.

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Q: How are Other Sales Leaders Approaching Digital Transformation?

As B2B customers adopt digital interfaces to conduct business, relationships forged by salespeople must graduate to new digital environments. Today, some sales and eCommerce teams have minimal involvement. In other cases, sales teams’ involvement with eCommerce solutions is paramount. Sales teams have the customer insights required to develop engaging eCommerce solutions—ones that both satisfy customers and drive retention. Insite partnered with WBR Insights and B2B Online to survey 100 manufacturers and distributors about how they are onboarding to digital.

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Q: How can eCommerce Benefit Every Role within the Complex B2B Buying Cycle?

When the roles that are required for complex B2B transactions, like CSRs, sales, and technicians in the field are not supported by technology, frustration and transactional intensity are the result. This doesn’t have to happen to you. The right eCommerce platform and strategy can benefit the roles of the researcher, customer service representative, field service technician, buyer, accounts payable representative and salesperson in multiple ways. When implemented correctly, eCommerce is far more than a website. It impacts every singly person’s ability to do their job and be more efficient.

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Q: What does the Future of B2B eCommerce look like? What Trends Should I Watch?

B2B buyers are digital-first researchers and prefer to self-serve whenever possible.  B2B buying is complex and requires manufacturers and distributors to execute omnichannel strategies that provide buyers with world class experiences whether it’s on a digital channel, working with a salesperson, or through new, emerging touchpoints. Omnichannel commerce has been redefined for modern B2B buyers. Leading organizations have transformed and realize that traditional, self-service, and emerging channels can thrive together.

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Insite Software solves the unique business challenges of B2B manufacturing and distribution companies.  We go beyond commerce, by unifying the experience between people, products and channels. We provide powerful enterprise solutions, with scalable models designed to grow with any sized business. Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites, Q1 2017, we power over a million unique customer experiences each day.

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