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Formula For Success

Insite has a team of experienced trainers and architects that have the educational background to provide high quality hands on labs for all courses. Think about the diverse internal roles that use, maintain and optimize your eCommerce systems. All of these roles require unique skills and training to perform their best and reap every advantage the solution has to offer. Insite's role-based learning and certification programs pinpoint the curriculum each eCommerce stakeholder in your organization needs.

93% of managers’ report some gap between the technical skills their IT staffs possess and the skills their companies need. This is why we empower our customers and remove the roadblocks by offering the material based on user roles. Curriculum has been developed for the following roles.

Instructor-Led Training

The following instructor led courses assist in the certification of the InsiteCommerce roles. To review upcoming courses and register, please view the course calendar.

Courses: Client Training

Course Description

The Project Optimization Workshop provides key stakeholders with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the project discovery sessions. The course provides an overview of core features and functionality of the Insite platform. The Content Management System, Product Categorization, Rules Engine, and common integration points are just some of the key features discussed in this course.


By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Effectively engage with partners during project discovery
  • Articulate their particular business needs to their partners
  • Understand the differences between Configuration and Customization
  • Identify of the level of effort needed to make common customization to the platform
  • Identify common areas of integration


Students should have a strong understanding of their business’s processes as well as a solid understanding of the digital commerce objectives for the platform. A solid technical grounding is helpful but not a requirement.

Outline Chapter 1: Admin Console Basics

  • Toolbar Overview
  • Application Settings
  • Website Settings
  • Import/Export

Chapter 2:Implementing the Catalog

  • Taxonomy: Navigation, Depth, & Hierarchy
  • Product Categorization
  • Media Center
  • Attribute Types
  • Variant Products
  • Product Configurations

Chapter 3: Shipping and Payment

  • Shipping Engine
  • Payment Methods

Chapter 4:Product Configuration

  • Product Restrictions
  • Replacement Products
  • Advanced Pricing (Unit of Measure)
  • Multi-Warehouse

Chapter 5: Users, User Roles, and Site Security

  • User Roles
  • User Creation
  • Site Security

Chapter 6: Customer Setup

  • ERP Customer Data
  • Data Integrity

Chapter 7: My Account

  • Password
  • Email Templates
  • Email Lists
  • Order History
  • Invoice History
  • Saved Orders
  • Wish Lists
  • Requisitions
  • Request for Quote
  • User Administration
  • Budget Management

Chapter 8: Introduction to the Content Management System

  • Overview
  • CMS Controls
  • Content Management Workflow
  • Personas
  • Context Specific Content
  • Templates

Chapter 9: Additional Features

  • Location
  • FinderNews
  • Articles
  • Quick Orders
  • Cross Sells

Chapter 10: Localization, Multi-Site Management, and Elaticsearch

  • Localization
  • Multi-Site
  • Site Copy
  • Search


Client Optimization Workshops are scheduled on an individual client basis and, therefore, are not listed in our training catalog. If you would like to schedule a training for your company, please contact your InsiteCommerce account manager.

Courses: Implementation Training

Course Description

The InsiteCommerce 4.2 Fundamentals course discusses core out-of-the-box features and functionality of the InsiteCommerce Platform, including key features like the Content Management System, Product Management, and Order Management.


  • Students can manage the daily tasks associated with running an InsiteCommerce site
  • Students can articulate the standard InsiteCommerce roles and site security levels
  • Students can add and delete users and customers
  • Students can send email and dashboard communications
  • Students can create and implement promotions
  • Students can perform basic Content Management System tasks


Students should have a strong understanding of their business processes as well as a solid understanding of the platform’s eCommerce objectives. A solid technical grounding is beneficial but not required.

Outline Chapter 1: Admin Console

  • Introduction to the Admin Console
  • Application Settings
  • Website Settings
  • Site Communication
  • Library
  • Localization
  • Import/Export

Chapter 2: Users

  • Users Overview
  • Default User Roles
  • User Creation
  • Permission Assignment

Chapter 3: Customers

  • Customer Overview
  • Customer Creation
  • User Assignment

Chapter 4: Carriers & Warehouse

  • Carrier Overview
  • Carrier Setup
  • Assigning Carriers
  • Warehouse Overview

Chapter 5: Catalog Management

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Assigning Products to Categories
  • Dynamic Categories
  • Attribute Management
  • Product Specifications
  • Variant Products
  • Configured Products
  • Cross Sells

Chapter 6: Orders

  • Order Review and Management
  • Quick Order
  • Order Upload
  • Wishlists
  • Request for Quote

Chapter 7: My Account

  • Dashboard
  • Order Approval
  • Requisitions
  • User Administration
  • Budget Management

Chapter 8: Promotions

  • Promotions Overview
  • Promotions Rules
  • Promotions Results
  • Promotions Assignment

Chapter 9: Personas

  • Personas Overview
  • Persona Rules
  • Creating a Persona

Chapter 10: Content Management System

  • Content Management System Overview
  • Page Types
  • Publishing
  • Persona/Device/Language-Specific Content
  • CMS Controls
  • Content Management Workflow
  • Templates

Chapter 11: Multi-Site Management

  • Multi-Site Overview
  • Microsite
  • Subdomain
  • Creating a Microsite
  • Site Copy

Chapter 12: Search Overview

  • Overview of Elasticsearch Customizations
  • Search Customizations
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On Demand Training

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Course Description

The course focuses on the skills necessary for implementing the InsiteCommerce platform. This course describes best practices and methodologies to configure and customize InsiteCommerce. In this course, experienced .NET developers gain the knowledge and skills they need to develop InsiteCommerce applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. InsiteCommerce is the leading .NET commerce platform, built to meet the ever-changing demands of business and commerce, InsiteCommerce takes business-to-business (B2B) digital commerce to the next level with its scalable, robust architecture and deep integration capabilities.

  • By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Install and customize the SDK
  • Perform an upgrade from 4.1 and 4.2
  • Configure the platform using the Admin Console
  • Create reusable components for the CMS including Widgets & Pages
  • Call the Storefront and Admin API endpoints to interact with JSON objects
  • Understand the InsiteCommerce security model
  • Use the Application Dictionary to extend the data constructs within the platform
  • Add, remove, and override business logic using .NET Handlers, Typescript, and AngularJS
  • Perform search tuning and customizations
  • Develop custom rule type options for the rule engine
  • Configure and build custom plugins such as tax calculation
  • Configure and integrate backend systems to the storefront workflow, such as Order Submit
  • Experienced ASP.NET MVC developer with real world experience.
  • Understands common design patterns including Chain of Responsibility, Repository, Unit of Work, and more.
  • Certified in InsiteCommerce Fundamentals.
Outline Chapter 1: Architecture & SDK
  • InsiteCommerce Evolution
  • Key Improvements
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Software Development Kit
Chapter 2: Upgrades
  • Getting Started
  • Upgrade Guidance
Chapter 3: Admin Console
  • Features & Functions
  • Understanding the Admin Console
Chapter 4: Content Management System
  • Overview
  • Themes
  • SEO
  • Components
Chapter 5: API
  • Storefront API
  • Admin API
Chapter 6: Security
  • Introduction
  • Setup
  • External Authentication
  • Customization
Chapter 7: Application Dictionary
  • Overview
  • Extension Considerations
  • Database Schema
Chapter 8: Server Side Extensions
  • Development Architecture
  • Insite Modules
Chapter 9: Data Model
  • Overview
  • Basic Usage
  • Extending the Data Model
Chapter 10: Client Side Extensions
  • Web Application
Chapter 11: Search
  • Getting Started
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding the Search Architecture
Chapter 12: Rules Engine
  • Introduction
  • Rules Engine Components
Chapter 13: Plugins
  • Plugin Design
  • Plugin List
  • Customizations
Chapter 14: Integration
  • Overview
  • Configuration
  • Windows Integration Service
  • Integration Processors
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Course Description

The Business Solution Architect (BSA) acts a bridge between the product sales team and the implementation team, providing clients with expert knowledge in manufacturing and distribution digital commerce. Insite Software’s Business Solution Architect Course reviews core job responsibilities of a BSA, Business to Business eCommerce best practices, and detailed Insite platform knowledge. The course is a 3 day (21 hour) instructor led course delivered remotely via GoToTraining.

  • Module 1: Introduction to InsiteCommerce
  • Module 2: Introduction to Product Setup and Product Inventory
  • Module 3: Taxonomy & Filtering/Faceted Search
  • Module 4: Product Search
  • Module 5: Product Ordering
  • Module 6: Users, User Roles, and Site Security
  • Module 7: Customer Setup
  • Module 8: My Account
  • Module 9: Content Management System (CMS)
  • Module 10: Merchandising Promotions
  • Module 11: Additional Features
  • Module 12: Platform Extensions
  • Module 13: Replacements Restrictions Pricing
  • Module 14: Multinational and Multilingual Implementations
  • Module 15: 3rd Party Integration

No publicly scheduled courses at this time.
On Demand Training

To enroll in On Demand training, log in to your InsiteCampus account, search for your course in the course catalog, purchase and enjoy!

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