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With the Insite's Knowledge & Learning program, our goal is to create and deliver quality education materials and a robust support system for our customers and partners so that they are empowered to implement, maintain and expand their InsiteCommerce solution. Insite Software presents the education materials, as well as support services via secure online portals that allow user access across devices and the ability to search specific content related to the InsiteCommerce platform. Learning is delivered through multiple methods so users can learn at their own pace or receive instructor-led training.

The Insite Campus education portal provides web based training where students are given a learning plan based on associated and relevant roles. Our experienced trainers and architects have the educational background to provide high quality hands on labs for all courses. Insite's role-based learning and certification programs pinpoint the curriculum each eCommerce stakeholder in your organization needs.

93% of managers’ report some gap between the technical skills their IT staffs possess and the skills their companies need. This is why we empower our customers and remove the roadblocks by offering the material based on user roles. 


  • Topic-based learning plans to help you maximize your eCommerce investment
  • Pre and post assessments to measure knowledge gap gain
  • On-demand video content that can be used as a learning resource

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The Insite Support services portal contains information such as user guides and instructions, application and website setting reference guides, and management console reference manuals and includes the ability to submit support requests to Insite's support team. 


  • Knowledge base articles providing solutions for known issues
  • Robust search capabilities to find the information you need
  • Access to review release notes and  new features in new releases for future consideration

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