PunchOut & cXML Integration

PunchOut & cXML Integration

Today’s customers have many options when it comes to choosing the vendors they want to work with, and suppliers are looking for new ways to get their attention. For B2B organizations doing eCommerce, PunchOut provides one way to increase customer loyalty, and increase overall engagement.

PunchOut is a pre-established connection that is made between the customer’s procurement system, and the supplier’s eCommerce site. This connection allows the supplier to provide real time access to product catalogs, customer specific pricing, and product availability to their customers. The power of PunchOut is the connection to the supplier’s website occurs behind the scenes, and the customer’s user experience occurs within their own procurement system, while necessary information for procurement, such as product information, pricing, and additional details are automatically passed into the procurement system.


InsiteCommerce Feature

InsiteCommerce’s PunchOut functionality is built in cXML, an industry-standard interface. Insite has three preferred integration partners that have built standard connectors to InsiteCommerce. PunchOut2Go and Supplier Solutions are InsiteCommerce’s preferred PunchOut partners, and Connexiom is InsiteCommerce’s sales ordering automation partner, converting emails from your customers into orders.

Our PunchOut partners, PunchOut2Go and Supplier Solutions have standard connectors to a large number of procurement systems, such as SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and more, to enable PunchOut commerce, as well as experience and expertise in implementing these integrations. These partners’ solutions serve as a translator between the various buyers’ procurement systems and the InsiteCommerce platform.

Conexiom accepts orders sent in your customer’s emails & faxes and converts them to a cXML file to be processed by InsiteCommerce.

When using these cXML interfaces, existing data and business logic within InsiteCommerce is utilized to convert the cXML Order Request message into an order. As with normal site eCommerce orders, PunchOut orders will be standardized into the same underlying tables in InsiteCommerce.

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