As all manufacturers and distributors know, the art and science of pricing in a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce environment has significant complexities that are different and more challenging to manage than in consumer or B2C eCommerce. Accurately and strategically managing each of your customer’s specific and negotiated pricing for each product on your website requires powerful back-end data handling, full integration with your ERP system, and lightning speed to properly calculate and present pricing to your online customers.

For the best experience for customers, it requires that the eCommerce solution can replicate complex pricing rules often defined by the ERP, or optionally present pricing through real-time integration calls to the back- end systems to retrieve and display customer specific pricing.


InsiteCommerce Feature

InsiteCommerce® Pricing manager offers robust technology and a variety of models to best match your unique and sophisticated B2B eCommerce pricing management needs.

InsiteCommerce Pricing manager allows manufacturers and distributors to improve their eCommerce processes, to migrate offline to online ordering, and to increase revenue. With InsiteCommerce you get a strategic pricing management system that:

  • Has a dynamic pricing matrix structure that offers virtually unlimited scenarios for pricing.
  • Fully integrates with your ERP system and ensures that the prices online properly reflect the prices in your back-end system without duplicate data entry.
  • Has the power to handle complex calculations like contract pricing, price lists, cost-plus pricing, and customer or product group pricing rules.
  • Ensures rapid pricing computation on your website, even when displaying 30-50 items on a single page.
  • Presents accurate online pricing during times when your back-end system is down for maintenance or upgrade.
  • Timely updates to online pricing when you make changes in the back-end system, through scheduled integration jobs.

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