Merchandising & Promotions

Merchandising & Promotions

Today, B2B eCommerce marketers and merchandisers have more responsibilities than ever. Expectations run high as they are tasked with increasing demands to strategically identify business risks and opportunities, maximize sales and profitability, effectively control inventory, and successfully manage critical eCommerce channels. They must work closely with their buying and allocation teams to develop and review merchandise financial plans, and then play a vital role in analyzing departmental and divisional results that drive sales, productivity and profitability.


InsiteCommerce Feature

InsiteCommerce® Merchandising & Promotions capabilities are a solution that assists in automating processes associated with eCommerce merchandising management. It unites multiple sources of product information on a single platform that allows you to successfully manage and merchandise your digital channels. From complex inventory and pricing management, to cross-sell or up-sell scenarios, InsiteCommerce Merchandising & Promotions features offer solutions for your most challenging requirements.

With InsiteCommerce’s powerful merchandising and promotion configurations, you get a solution that:

  • Ensures your products are presented and sold in the best way possible by meeting the complex demands of the various websites you manage.
  • Provides your online customers with a website they can count on to instantly and accurately reflect product availability.
  • Allows you to offer customers accessories, installation items, or add-ons when and where they are most likely to want to see them.
  • Enables complex selling rules and promotional incentives using information gathered from a variety of sources.
  • Promote up-sell opportunities right on product detail pages.

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