Easily switch between available languages.

Change the site’s currency from any page.


Effectively selling products in multiple countries and in multiple currencies with one solution can sometimes be a daunting challenge. In addition to needing an easy way to simply publish your website in different languages and sell your products in more than one currency, your customers have certain expectations. Users want to do business on a website that can accurately and quickly calculate freight and local taxation and allow them to pay with a variety of locally- supported payment methods. They may also expect and appreciate content that is localized and delivered in a way that adheres to their regional or cultural norms or nuances, and your website needs to deliver.

To accomplish these goals, your eCommerce solution must be able to support international B2B growth, rather than hinder it. Support everything
you need to do business globally with InsiteCommerce® Globalization.


InsiteCommerce Feature

InsiteCommerce globalization functionalities allows manufacturing and distribution organizations to improve their global eCommerce processes, speed online transactions, and increase revenue. With InsiteCommerce you get a strategic eCommerce partner with deep roots in B2B commerce and a globalization management system that handles the complexities of multi-currency, multi- language, multi- calendar, tax calculations, and freight requirements.

Globalization features have multi-language capabilities that allow site administrators not only to define the website display language for users, but also to create unique content by language code, device type and user persona.

InsiteCommerce supports currency-specific pricing or currency conversion to properly price items not specifically entered in a localized price. Your merchandisers can sell products in more than one currency and can merchandize products with very specific prices, such as $14.99 USD in the U.S. and $16.99 CAD in Canada. Your customers can switch currencies to match their personal currency preference and not be tied to the currency that is typically associated with their preferred language. They can also pay for their purchases with a credit card using their selected currency preference.

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