Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System

When it comes to managing web content for your digital commerce channels, you need a platform that has robust tools built right into the solution that can successfully enable the creation of rich content and support the marketing activities behind a good B2B digital strategy. Whether using your site for lead generation, catalog, quoting, eCommerce, or digital self-service, the ease of use and ability to customize experiences with a robust CMS is important.

InsiteCommerce® CMS web content management tool, you get an all-in-one solution that includes the same core functionality you’d find in separate enterprise content management system (CMS) solutions.


InsiteCommerce Feature

InsiteCommerce CMS is designed to manage multiple websites from a single platform. Its advanced user interface applies a role-based permissions architecture to allow multi-user in-context editing and approval. Content can be targeted to users based on device and configurable personas, triggered by user or customer information, bill-to or ship-to address, geolocation, or website authentication. It supports personalization, international language and currency requirements, and geo targeting functions.

With InsiteCommerce CMS, your organization benefits from a content management tool that can deliver:

  • Lower eCommerce TCO – Reduce the total cost of ownership of your eCommerce strategy by quickly managing various marketing content in-context to the site.
  • Ease of use – Empower business users to manage web content tasks without relying on developers. Timely updates can be staged for future publishing.
  • Role-based content governance – Automate role- based governance processes for updating, approving and publishing content.
  • Automated content reuse – Reduce the time spent updating duplicate content and prevent errors with a single source for content that can be used and reused across multiple sites.
  • Better search optimization – Help your customers find your products with tools to compliment your website’s search optimization, including search-friendly URLs, key SEO attributes, and the ability to manage tags throughout your websites.

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