Catalog Management

Catalog Management

For a large number of B2B manufacturers and distributors, merchandisers know all-to-well how unwieldy catalogs can become. Due to the complexities of B2B, managing multiple identifiers such as customer part number, SKU, UPC, or cross-reference data can become taxing. Add in having to track down specifications when adding in new attributes or units-of-measure, and maintaining flexibility in managing all of your products in the catalog can be a challenge. Perhaps you have geographical territory restrictions for some distributors, or are simply trying not to overwhelm a customer with the full catalog, instead only what’s relevant to their business.


InsiteCommerce Feature

With InsiteCommerce® Catalog Management, manufacturers and distributors can harness the built-for-B2B features of the platform to integrate various back-office systems to speed up, automate, and reduce errors in catalog management. Don’t have all the data you need, or in the format you want in your back-office systems? No problem, using the robust Administration Console, manage catalogs, custom attributes, UOM, catalog restrictions, and more across multiple sites all at once.

InsiteCommerce Catalog Management features allow for merchandisers, system-integrators, sales representatives, and marketers to all manage their respective portions of the product catalog easily, while providing robust options and flexibility to fit any unique catalog needs. With InsiteCommerce, you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate multiple back-end systems to populate catalog data. Whether it’s your ERP, PIM, DAM, or even an Excel spreadsheet, InsiteCommerce gives you multiple options to load, edit, and maintain your catalog on an ongoing basis.
  • Configure custom attributes for products, categories, or your whole catalog for use with product detail pages, the search index, and filtering and faceting options.
  • Utilize product restriction capabilities to display customer-specific catalog experiences on your site, or even use multi-site capabilities to create an entire specific website experience for those customers.
  • Maintain multiple units-of-measure, even for the same product.
  • And much more. Download the Catalog Management Product Information Sheet for more details.

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