Approval & Budgeting Workflows

Approval & Budgeting Workflows

Unlike B2C eCommerce, B2B customers may have multiple people contributing to the ordering process but require a central buyer to compile all of the requests and actually place the order. A procurement manager, jobsite foreman, project manager, or other staff members may all want to research, pick out finishes, or know specific part numbers they need and will want to request specific products on their own. Historically, these individuals may have had to fill out paper forms, fax, mail, or drop them off with the procurement department, and hoping there was no miscommunication. Now, as many of these employees are more digital-focused, they may even be doing their research online and then manually filling out the forms with data from the websites.


InsiteCommerce Feature

With InsiteCommerce® Approval & Budgeting Workflows, companies are empowered to set up and manage individual users access on an eCommerce site. With the ability to create new users under their company’s customer account, assign appropriate roles, and manage spend, the ability to make the procurement process more efficient for all stakeholders is possible. Whether you simply want to ensure your employees are purchasing with your negotiated contract pricing, or spending under budget or submitting all orders for approval, InsiteCommerce Approval & Budgeting Workflows are the solution.

Having customer-specific administrative access that has control to add, remove, and maintain user logins specific to that customer puts the power in the hands of the customer. Procurement departments can ensure people purchasing on their company’s behalf are reaping the benefits of working with your company, while still allowing their user’s the freedom to transact on their schedule, wherever they may be.

InsiteCommerce Approval and Budgeting Workflows allow:

  • Pricing – Procurement to ensure contract pricing compliance.
  • Security – Companies to add and remove users that are associated with their company. No more sharing passwords or a single username.
  • User Configuration & Roles – Use roles to define each user’s approval requirements, even down to individual “ship-to” location levels.
  • Budget – Allows each user to be set with a budget for the fiscal period. If the user exceeds, their order will be sent to the customer administrator for approval.
  • Approvals – Ensure all orders are compliant; choose to have all orders go to the customer administrator for consolidation & approval.

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