Administration Console

Administration Console

Behind every great eCommerce experience is the method to manage the platform. Since configuring and managing an eCommerce site involves help from multiple people spanning a few internal departments, it’s critical that an intuitive, efficient interface exists to find and configure all available settings or information. Business- users today expect software to be quick and responsive to their needs, allowing them to accomplish their jobs accurately and efficiently.


InsiteCommerce Feature

The InsiteCommerce® Administration Console is the main interface to control, customize, integrate, and manage an InsiteCommerce powered storefront. The Administration Console is powerful enough to control nearly every aspect of how the site looks or works, yet simple enough to use to allow business-users access to configure the on-site search experience, manage SEO settings, or even add a new promotion to the site.

The InsiteCommerce Administration Console can be used to manage or access:

  • Sales information as it pertains to order history, individual cart history, including abandoned carts, transactions, shipping and freight options, and available payment methods on the storefront.
  • The storefront’s product catalog, including individual products, the categories that are available to users, controlling product sorting, attribute types (both global and categorical), any custom product configurations, variants, pricing matrices, and the ability to restrict certain products from customers.
  • Customer information including their “bill to” and “ship to” information and other pertinent attributes.
  • Built in communication tools, from email list collection to templates for transactional emails.
  • Promotions, using a variety of rules such as customer-specific attributes, product-specific attributes, order total, or more, which can result in shipping discounts, order discounts, or specific line item discounts.
  • Site search management, including tuning of synonyms, stopwords, redirects, and search boosting and burying.
  • And much more. Download the Administration Console Product Information Sheet for more details.

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