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InsiteCommerce Platform

The leading .NET commerce platform, built to meet the ever-changing demands of business and commerce, InsiteCommerce takes business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce to the next level with its scalable, robust architecture and deep integration capabilities.

Rapid to Deploy

Our “land and expand” phased implementation approach provides a foundational eCommerce website very quickly, followed by subsequent phases of extended capabilities, saving time, effort and costs. Websites can often be launched within six months or less with a fully integrated set of core technologies. Visit our client profiles >

Ease of Use

InsiteCommerce allows you to easily manage all the information on your website using a familiar consumer-style user interface design. Quickly and easily update copy, add or delete products, create promotions, or make other intricate changes to your site without HTML knowledge.


Offering responsive design, industry-specific B2B workflows, customer portalsadvanced search, micro sites and more, InsiteCommerce supports the sophisticated enterprise-level needs of manufacturers and distributors focused on providing their customers with personalized buying experiences. The InsiteCommerce core solution includes:

The ISC Management Console is a user interface/administration tool for managing multiple sites, such as corporate, B2B, B2C, B2X and customer micro-sites from one platform. Role-based user administrators can have oversight over all aspects of a site including core elements of integration, commerce management, product information management, experience management and order orchestration.

The Product Information Manager (PIM) allows business users to create and maintain rich product content, including unlimited images, videos, attributes, documents, cross-sells and pricing. It establishes ERP part numbers as the unique identifier for a SKU to ensure referential integrity between systems. It also supports complex B2B requirements such as multiple units of measure, order multiples, order minimums, kits and configurations, inventory by warehouse.

The embedded Web Content Manager is designed to manage multiple websites from a single ISC Controller. Its advanced user interface applies a role-based permissions architecture to multi-user-in-context editing and approval. Content can be targeted to users based on language, device or persona. International requirements for language, currency and personalization features are supported as well.

Download the SiteBuilder Data Sheet >

The Pricer supports and manages the complex matrix pricing found in many ERPs used by manufacturers and distributors. By reducing real-time pricing calls to the ERP, it maximizes uptime and site performance. The Pricer can accommodate millions of price records and is supported through the InsiteCommerce Integrator.

Download the Pricer Data Sheet >

InsiteCommerce Promoter offers solutions for your most challenging merchandising requirements.

  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling  — Allows manual management of cross-selling and up-selling activities or automates the process using built-in tools that can calculate cross-selling rules from information inherited by your website or obtained from other sources.
  • Product Comparison — Lets your customers quickly visualize and compare similar products and associated attributes. 
  • Promotions  — Allows for robust promotional incentives that can be applied to customer orders automatically or triggered by a promotional code entered by the customer during checkout.

Download the Promoter data sheet >

Quoter enables business users to execute quote requests online. Once initiated, an online conversation takes place with internal users who interact with the business user’s request. The internal user can set prices for quantity breaks or discounts. The quote is then made available to the business user online. The business user can accept the quote and place the order, continue the conversation, or reject the quote.

Download the Quoter Data Sheet >

Globalizer has multi-language and translation capabilities that allow site administrators not only to define the website display language for users, but also to create unique content by language code, device type and user persona. 

Globalizer supports currency-specifipricing or conversion and allows a way to properly price items not specifically entered in a localized price. Your merchandisers can sell products in more than one currency and are able to merchandize products with very specific prices, such as $14.99 USD in the U.S. and $16.99 CAD in Canada. Your customers can switch currencies to match their personal currency preference and not be tied to the currency that is typically associated with the language they happen to prefer while using your website; and they can pay for their purchases with a credit card using their selected currency preference.

Download the Globalizer Data Sheet >

The InsiteCommerce Configurator accommodates simple to complex rules-based configuration. The Configurator can be deployed stand-alone or integrated through the InsiteCommerce Integrator to back-end or third-party configurators. A powerful capability of the Configurator is the ability to create rules-based configurations in minutes without code. A rules-based configuration generates its own user interface and provides design overrides and extensions to CSS, HTML and JavaScript for ultimate flexibility and presentation.

Download Configurator Data Sheet >

The Software Development Kit provides full documentation for your Microsoft .NET developers in external service providers or internal IT organizations to deploy entirely new sites, build new workflows, or create new interactive site functionality on the InsiteCommerce platform. 


  • Allows internal developers or external service providers to leverage a best-in-class commerce platform built for the complex needs of manufacturers and distributors.
  • Extendable architecture provides flexibility to developers to build out unique functionality for their organization.
  • Allows businesses to select certified development partners or leverage internal development resources for their commerce development.

Bring additional value to your customer relationships by helping them manage their spend. Customers can establish budgets by user, bill-to and ship-to. Then they can compare budgets to actual spend by month and year. Actual spend includes data from orders across all channels. Order workflow approvals enforce budgets at various levels throughout the organization.


  • Provides functionality for customers to manage agreed-upon budgets in a self-service model.
  • Provides a tool for sales reps to monitor contract activity with customers.
  • Differentiates your commerce offering from other suppliers with innovative value-added capabilities.

The OrderManager model acknowledges commerce as a system of engagement that acquires new orders and submits those orders to the ERP, the system of record. OrderManager then supports order response for all orders, regardless of channel, providing order status, fulfillment and history information from the systems of record. 


  • Provides consistent and accurate information across channels with a distributed order management model in digital ecosystems.
  • Offers 24/7 access to comprehensive, accurate, real-time order information.
  • Facilitates order creation interruptions by enabling users to save orders until complete and ready to submit.
  • Quickens order processing on repeat by giving users the ability to copy orders from history and resubmit.

The Integrator simplifies integration using our plug-in technology and metadata driven configurations. It supports complex integrations using web service calls to multiple core systems including ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, DAMs, data warehouses, third-party logistics, and more. The Integrator also provides a plugable architecture to quickly deploy third-party applications such as payment gateways, search providers, and an extensive list of marketing technologies.

Download the ERP Integration Architecture Data Sheet >