Product Information

B2B Product Content: Promising Business Opportunity

As a manufacturer or distributor who depends on B2B eCommerce to grow your company’s business, you’re concerned about presenting your products in the best way possible so that your customers can make purchasing decisions using your digital channels. You also know that you need to provide them with more than just an electronic version of your print catalog. A lot of time, cost and talent are required to provide all the extra information about your products called for in today’s changing B2B markets. Today’s digitally transforming commerce requires online product information that is in the modern, consumable formats your customers expect and may already see on your competitors’ websites.

B2B product content such as high quality images in multiple angles, zoom, high definition video, 3D animations, illustrations, thorough and interesting descriptions, detailed specs and support documentation provide the depth of information your customers need to make buying decisions online. If the thought of creating all this content seems daunting, keep reminding yourself that it’s really one of your best business opportunities today.

Your Customers Expect Good Product Information on Your Website

Selling B2B products online is considerably more complex than B2C products. Add in the complexity around product features and configurations that need to be clearly presented online and in formats that your online customers now expect, and you can see how a content creation initiative can snowball if not well-planned and controlled. The key is to maintain a balance between what you need to provide for the initial product release and what you can continue to create and add to your website post-release.

PIM Technologies Make It Possible

Using a product information management (PIM) system to manage your product content helps streamline processes by providing the necessary governance around creating content. The products themselves may start life in your ERP or PLM system, where the product codes and supply chain data are assigned, but those systems are not designed to allow a digital marketer or product owner to then create high-quality product content. A PIM system is where products come to life for the content creation team. Any organization who is serious about raising the bar on product content needs a modern PIM system in place.

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