Steps to a Successful eCommerce Initiative


Manufacturers and Distributors are challenged to implement an eCommerce website which is often scoped too big and deployed without a strategic plan, taking years to implement and demanding an enormous budget. Multi-year implementations can quickly become outdated before they are even launched. For most organizations, this approach is not only unnecessary; it may set a project up for failure.

Insite Software is a leading provider of B2B eCommerce. Our goal is to get (or land) your commerce foundation in place as quickly as possible, establishing the highly integrated core of your new digital ecosystem that brings eCommerce, ERP, CRM, and adjacent core technologies together. With this ecosystem in place, you can continue to expand into more advanced capabilities. You are then in a powerful position to put your customer in first place and begin to disrupt the competition. At Insite, we call this our Land, Expand, and Disrupt approach.

Don't boil the ocean, deploy your website quickly and iterate

Land Your Commerce Foundation

Land in 120-180 days or less with a fully integrated set of core technologies. Launch the first phase of your digital strategy to unify channels, commerce and content. Embrace analytics and marketing to drive adoption.

Expand Your Capabilities

Increasingly incorporate personalization, advanced functionality and content to deployed channels. Add digital channels specific to key accounts, expanding geography, or new business ideas.

Disrupt Your Competition

Continually iterate digital strategy and deployment to innovate ahead of changing markets. Don't be afraid to interrupt usual business practices or organizational structure. Own the journey ahead.

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